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  1. My PC got infected today and so I downloaded EAM and ran a Deep Scan that found 6 objects, 5 of which I sent to the quarantine, but it didn't seem to find the malware I got today as weird things (like being redirected to after clicking on a safe link in a safe email) continued to happen while browsing the internet. So I came here to the Support Forums to see if I could get help. In following the "START HERE" instructions, after downloading EEK and OTL, I tried running the Smart Scan in EEK several times but every time I tried the program would shut down after scanning the rootkits. Strangely, I am able to run the Smart Scan in EAM without any problems. For anti-virus I am using AVG as part of the Bell Internet Security Services package and this package also offers firewall, anti-spyware, fraud protection and other services. I also have Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware installed. My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2. Many thanks in advance for your help.