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  1. Hi Kevin Thanks for all your assistance I am not having any problems, have done all of the above (cleaning), alls well. Cheers
  2. Downloaded Google Software Removal Tool, ran it and found no problems. I only use Chrome as a back up Browser, seems to be running okay. Thanks for all your assistance, have a great day Cheers
  3. Once again thanks for your assistance. a2scan_150605-195852.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Thanks for your assistance Kevin I have done what you have requested, hope I got it right. Cheers Fixlog.txt
  5. I downloaded and installed version ( Trial Version). Will see how it behaves over the next couple weeks, if fine will buy. Before installing I had ran a scan with avast and malwarebytes, both clean. Ran a scan and got this Value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM -> DISABLEREGISTRYTOOLS detected: Setting.DisableRegistryTools (A) Cheers a2scan_150603-155158.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hi Thomas Thanks for your reply and I may well try it again in the future. Cheers
  7. Hi Christian Having Major problems downloading Emsissoft Antimalware only download at 123Bytes per second. No problems downloading anything else from other sites. Tried again to install Emsisoft Internet Security, once again will not complete downloading signature updates. This is also before Online Armour was installed. Have uninstalled again. Got this reply from cleverbridge: Your refund request was received and has been submitted to the software publisher Emsisoft. cleverbridge is responsible for processing transactions and, when applicable, distributing license keys. Unf
  8. Hi Christian Would i be able to just download Emissoft Antimalware and obtain just a licence for that instead of for Emsisoft internet security. If i can't I would like to get a refund. Cheers EDIT : Went to download Emissoft Antimalware, Maybe i could use the licence i have for Antimalware and just leave the licence for online armour to expire, but was told it would take 18 hours and 55 seconds.
  9. HI Have found out where to send request. I have sent a request to Cleverbridge Customer Support asking for a refund . Cheers
  10. Have uninstalled Emsisoft Internet Security. Online armour would not update. Emsisoft malware would not update. So uninstalled and reinstalled, Emsisoft malware updated to 50% then droped to 49%, stayed like that for 15minutes. cancelled update, Finished installing and then installed Online armour. Still would not update. Have uninstalled Emsisoft Internet security and installed Avast free antivirus. Wondering how do i go about a refund. Cheers
  11. Hi Started downloading Antimalware update, got as high as 64% downloaded and has been all over the place with percentage, now only showing 22% downloaded. Has been doing this for 11 minutes, surely there is something amiss, Just stated update successful . but did not update anything see atttachments. If hover mouse pointer over icon in system tray said last update 20.19, has restrted to update again, got to 24% droped down to 2%. Would have to assume computer is not upto date with protection. I am not having any trouble with anything else on the computer.
  12. Anti malware started an update and has been updating for about 25 minutes. Have now cancelled. Pecentage would go up to 52% and drop back to 49%, I have no idea what is going on. Cheers
  13. Have tried several times to update online armour, but keep getting a pop up after a few minutes stating. (OA Automatic Update Read Time Out) I am not the smartest tool in the shed, so not sure if this problem is my end or not Edit: Each attempt starts to download, see attachment
  14. Hi Thanks for your reply, wery informative. Cheers
  15. Downloaded and installed today. In anti-malware 364 days. In Online- Armour 365 days Not complaining, but just curious why there is a difference. Cheers
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