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  1. The windows repari program did not work unforunately - my computer is 64 bit and it works only with 32 bit systems. More damage is occurring. Today my external keyboard is losing functionality. The Backspace does not work any more, while it works on the keyboard of the laptop. Neither does "Enter" work on the external keyboard wihile it works on the laptop. Both worked yesterday. So there is evidently an aggressive virus infection going on damaging various functions and deleting emails and perahaps more that I have not discovered. Please help. Or shall I recover the mirror image of the laptiop that I made last week? I don't have any other mirror image other than one from 9 month ago and it is not available here.
  2. Malware found in Windows Repair Program recommended by you At downloading the Windows repair program recommended by you from MajorGeek (the first download option), Emsisoft found it contained malware, see attachment. But the file from the second MajorGeek option was OK.
  3. Now we have 3 major issues. 1. The initial inaccessibility of my online backup service Carbonite.com http://carbonite.com 2. The recent inaccessibility of Google Chrome. Note that at the same time disappeared the shortcut to gmail situated in the taskbar (which I generated from Google Chrome) 3. NEW. Disapperance of Gmail emails, both sent and received. This has been confirmed for 100% sure. Such things very rarely happened before, but now every 3-5 days. The second came after som extensive internet search - on healt-related issues - no high risk sites. The third has been there perhaps since number one appeared - not sure. The question is they are due to separate malwars. For the first one we have the trojan suspect (adwarebhobprotector1-b) but for the others no new malware revealed.
  4. Rootkit test done, attached log. Already, before the TDS, I also did another EmerencyKit check that found no threat and a FRST. Logs attached. Also attahced the error message reportting that Google Chrome cannot be opened. Regards, Estonijaan
  5. It just seems that I got another virus. It blocks Google chrome so I can only use Firefox. I was running Emsisoft antimalware scan but it disappeared without finishing. This malware apparently is closing down programs. I suppose I have to use the Emergency kit again. estonijaan
  6. Ran adwarecleaner and cleaned everything there was to clean. This time it found only very few items compared to first time when I did not clean. Strange. Anyway still Carbonite.com is blocked: Bad Request - Invalid VerbHTTP Error 400. The request verb is invalid. Screendump attached
  7. Addition: The computer was very slow formerly, but after quarantaining the trojan (adware.bh.ob.protector1b) it seems that it works faster. I am concerned about the blockage of the online backupservice. So I suspect that the computer may need to be cleanded from all the remains of the trojan. What to do? May I run adwclean now and what more? Estonijaan
  8. My online backup URL carbonite.com is still blocked : Bad Request - Invalid VerbHTTP Error 400. The request verb is invalid. and the Carbonite backup program cannot access the server either Question: I have only done what you told me to (sending the log files), so I have not yet run the adwcleaner which found several issues. I thought you wanted to look at them more. Can I cleen now with Advcleaner? Emsisoft antivirus had not found anything at repeated scans. Estonijaan
  9. This I reported earlier in the messages at: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12630-adwarebhobprotector1-b-infection/ You locked that so I had to start a new topic. Sorry, I have been extremely busy, no time for follow up. Now I am sending all the requested info except the JRT log file which disappeared at once after scanning (it was there for a moment). Not found on the desktop as you said it would. QUESTION: What is the filename of the JRT log file? I did a search for the string "jrt" with Win7 "Search programs and files" in the whole computer but not found. Regards, Estonijaan
  10. Emsisoft has quarantained it. Required logs are attached For some reason the access to my online backup, www.carbonite.com, is blocked since the same day as the trojan infected - see posting: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12557-infection-cannot-access-my-online-backup-service-carbonite/ Has perhaps this trojan blocked the access? Regards, Jaan
  11. Trojan adware found at deep rescan Addition: Scanned my computer now with deep scan, as I discovered that my last scan was not deep as I believed. Then the scan found a trojan: adware.bho.bprotector.1 (b) Perhaps this is the culprit? Estonijaan
  12. Has a virus blocked my access? When I tried to access the URL of my on-line backup service, www.carbonite.com, the reply is Bad Request - Invalid VerbHTTP Error 400. The request verb is invalid. What I have done Emsisoft antimalware deep scan shows no infection I checked if my firewall (Privatefirewall) had blocked the URL, but it was not blocked. I added Carbonite to the URL white list of the Firewall (if I had missed something), but the error message persisted The Carbonite program at my computer has 293 files queued for backup with the message "searching for files to backup" since over 2 hrs. I have not changed or added 300 files since I last accessed Carbonite. So also the backup pathway is evidently affected. I Googled but no report indicting the same problem (Bad Request response at accessing Carbonite.com) I don't know exactly how long time this issue has been there. It was over a week since I last tried to contact Carbonite. No "Bad Request.." response from any other URL. QUESTION Is the Carbonite server system is in trouble? Or has some undetectable malware blocked my access to my online-backup service? Estonijaan
  13. Emsisoft Antimalware v.7 detected five files infected with medium risk threats (one threat occurring twice). Emsisoft Antimalware was able to quarantine 3 infected files, the lowermost ones shown in the attached screendump of Emsisoft Antimalware v.7 report that was made before I clicked quarantine, The two uppermost files in the list could not be quarantined. So I decided to follow your prescribed procedure and did the EEK and OTL scans. The report of the Emsisoft Emergency Kit scan was identical with that of the Emsisoft Antimalware program, showing the same five infected files. OTL "protested" against a date "1/1/2099", after processing for a few minutes, and showed an error message saying that this date is not acceptable, see attached image. I had to change the setting of OTL in "Files created within" from "File Age" to "all" in order to make it work. Concomitantly with this infection, the connection to internet has tended to break after some time of usage. I had to do systems restore in order to make it work again. Formerly I had no internet connection problems that required systems restore (a few times I had to restart the router only). Attached you find the required files and mentioned additional images. I am a licensed user of Emisoft Security pack.
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