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  1. well since a picture say more then a 1000 words... ive attached a jpeg of what my problem is and its all your program says.
  2. and now ill say thanks again, for this explaination. Learnt somthing new again
  3. That seems to have been my problem, thank you again for your quick help.
  4. Yes all of firefalls programs are trusted, ive even added allowed status on ICMP and RAW, what ever they do, just in case that would block me. From the history i can not see that there is a problem, i just tried to login with the firewall running, and it gave me the same message as in my original post, i then went to history log to see the log of what online armor thought at that time, but there was no entry, even after several tried to log in to the beta server. BAH i HATE this by now... ive just shut down the firewall and still its blocking me... i have the feeling i have to restart for the firewall not to block me. and gonna do that right away, and again no logs.
  5. So basically im betatesting Firefall (online first person shooter), a few days ago i ran into a problem, my firewall was blocking my acces to the beta server after the latest patch, so i called up the error logs and this is what is said: "01:03 RAM:1216MB FPS:10 ERROR NETWORK Error during UDP connect to 10061 'Der kunne ikke oprettes forbindelse, fordi destinationscomputeren aktivt nægtede det.(10061)' 01:03 RAM:1216MB FPS:10 WARN GAME Matrix connection shut down 01:03 RAM:1216MB FPS:10 WARN GAME SOCKERR_UNKNOWN 01:03 RAM:1216MB FPS:10 WARN SCRIPT loginpreloadscreen: { "event" : "on_login_failure", "reason" : "SOCKERR_UNKNOWN"" after researching the problem for a few days and having tried to shut down all but the hips feature on my online armor, i went along and tryed to shut down that part of it to and voila i could connect to the beta server again, but ever since ive felt slightly naked on the net. i hope this will help you come up with a solution. if you need more info your welcome to ask for it.
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