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  1. Yes it's fixed, thanks Lynx for fast and deep examination.
  2. I put Emergency Kit to partition D: then made a scan and excluded some items. Then I restore partition C: with an old image backup. Then made a new scan and see though exclusions are still in the ini file the new scan finds them again. Also now my whitelist is empty via app. Seems Emergency Kit can't read them? Analysis=|| SaveSettings=D:\Program Files\Emsisoft Emergency Kit\Run\Scansets\ AccountDlg=|ID_DONTASK| TROJAN-DROPPER.AGENT!IK=|3|1| TROJAN-BANKER.WIN32.BANKER!IK=|3|1| VIRUS.WIN32.TROJAN!IK=|3|1| TROJAN.WIN32.DROPPER!A2=|3|1| =|0|7|
  3. Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner's white-list isn't portable. When I carry the app to another computer I see white-list totally empty. This happened in Portable A2 Free 4 and when I reported it, devs fixed it. Hope they will again fix it soon.