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  1. Thanks for that. It sounds reasonable. If true. that's rather disconcerting since it appears to mean that with KAV (and not KIS) I will have little or no outbound firewall protection. I have found a short thread in the Kaspersky forums with posts from two users who discovered the same problem using Windows firewall. When any one (or more) of the protection components for email, IM, or Web shield is (are) enabled KAV intercepts outgoing Net traffic. After satisfying itself that it's OK it passes it through to the firewall - *but* under its own program name (avp.exe). So any non-Kaspersky fire
  2. Hardly. (Well, actually it did after I turned KAV off.) >In a real-world situation, would you have clicked 'Allow' for an unknown application that seemed suspicious? I would - and often have - clicked "Allow" and "Remember ,,,: for applications. This allows them to run, but with the "Ask" setting for all activities which are being monitored. I have run applications for some time like this, and then when one does something that requires access to the Net - such as checking for updates - OA informs me that the program wants to access the Net and gives me the choice to Allow it or Block it.
  3. I thought LeakTest did some clever impersonation tricks to fool the firewall into thinking it's a trusted program. But after re-reading the description it looks like that has to be a manual task by the user. So if that's not what it's doing, why doesn't OA catch it? The name "LeakTest" doesn't appear in the firewall's list of programs, nor does it appear in a log file made during the tests. If I set OA to block all network traffic, LeakTest will fail. So it appears to be actually going out to the Net. Something else which is very bizarre. Since LeakTest didn't appear in the Firewall's Progra
  4. Using OA Firewall Free Windows XP (Media Center) 32-bit SP3 Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 I have a similar issue with LeakTest. I get the Program Guard popup asking if I want to let it run. I reply "Allow" (it's *not* trusted) and the program starts. When I click on the "Test For Leaks" I get *no* popup from the Firewall, and the Leak Test says: "Firewall Penetrated". I have had the popup asking if I want to allow Internet access from *other* programs, so I know that it works generally. But as LeakTest masquerades as a program which is probably already trusted for Internat access it
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