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  1. I have done the Windows Repair to completion. Computer is still slow. I will do a defrag and see if that helps. If it doesn't, it is probably time to buy a new pc. Thank you very, very much for your help and patience.
  2. I bought Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor. The Online Armor is really irritating because there is that window which keeps asking me to select either Allow or Block keeps popping up. It did that every step of the way when I was running the Windows Repair program last night. For now, I have turned off the Online Armor. What do I do to enjoy the protection of Online Armor w/o having to deal with the irritating Allow-Block window? Windows Repair - The Start/Repair step takes a long time. I checked the 12 Repair Options that you said to check but I finally turned off the pc when the log showed that the program was fixing 4/12. And all that time, the online Armor kept flashing up the Allow Block window. Is the Start/Repair step supposed to take a long time to complete (like an hour?) Yahoo Mail - I've got access again. Thanks.
  3. Looks like Emsisoft blocking my access to yahoo mail. Emsisoft flashed an alert that said something about yahoo mail being suspicious when I was trying to get to
  4. I tried getting ComboFix to work through both the methods you suggested - neither worked so I have no logs to attach.
  5. Hi, I did a search for Extras.txt again this morning and this time, there were only 2 files found. This seems much closer to the truth than 139+ files that were found by yesterday's search. One file is located in the Archive Root Directory. ZIP Information: CRC32: BBF0D1F9, Index: 0, Compression: Deflated, Packed Size: 6 KB. This is prob the zipped version. The other is located at C:\Documents & Settings\Me\Desktop\EEK - looks to be the result of unzipping and is likely the file I sent to you right at the beginning of this string of emails. In the past, when I search for files, the search runs through all the directories and is completed quite swiftly. But now, the search goes on and on and it doesn't seem to get through all the directories - it looks like the search is cycling through the same directories over and over again. I finally stopped the search by clicking on the [stop] button. I attach MBRScan report. The scan took less than a minute to complete.
  6. Hi, the OTL.txt is attached. But unlike the OTL.txt that opened automatically after the scan was completed, Extras.txt did not open. I tried using the search function to find the file and many Extras.txt were found ! All had 9/26 as the modification date - that's the date we started this chain of email exchanges. I stopped and abandoned the search when the 139th Extras.txt was located. Looks like Extras.txt reproduced itself?
  7. My pc seems ok for the most part. It is slow to connect to the internet - ie, I double click on the Mozilla Firefox icon and instead of the almost instant response that I used to get, I now have to wait something like half a minute before the hour glass icon pops up signifying that the pc is trying to connect. But perhaps that is a problem I have to work on with my internet service provider. The pc also becomes very slow when I have been using it for an hour or so - by then, even shutting the pc down takes a long time. Perhaps I need to do some maintenance/defrag/check for bad sectors or something like that? What should I do with my flash drives and external hard disk and notebook now? I am sure they are all infected like my pc was. Now that I have installed Emsisoft Anti-Malware in my pc, is it safe to connect those devices to my pc so that they can be cleaned too? Would it take customized script written by you (after analysis of logs) to get my notebook cleaned? Thank you very much for helping me clean my pc
  8. Seems like I was wrong about Emsisoft Anti-Malware getting stuck at 80%. While replying to you a couple of minutes earlier, a message popped up to say that scanning is complete. Here is the log.
  9. At my first attempt at doing a Deep Scan with Emsisoft Anti-Malware, the scan goes on until the 79% mark and no further. It still looks like the scanning is going on but it kept showing 79% and the message was that it was scanning one of my .doc files. I left it for at least 30 mins and then I stopped the scan. I deleted that particular .doc file and then did my 2nd attempt at scanning. This time, the scan went smoothly until the 80% mark and then it got stuck and it kept on scanning one of my jpeg files. What should I try now?
  10. Here is the report from ESET ........
  11. Reports from running DDS are attached. Had trouble attaching them so I put them into Zipped Folder to attach.
  12. I first went to the Microsoft Security Center to make sure that the firewall is disabled and that there is no antivirus programme that is active. Then I ran ComboFix according to your instructions above. Once again, it got to the Autoscan window and then it went no further. The cursor just kept on blinking after the text "However, scan times for badly infected machines may easily double". Then I got my pc to run in safe mode with networking. And ran the ComboFix again. I got the same results as I described above - it only got to Autoscan. What can I try next?