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  1. Thanks again, will give it some thought and hope for some updated signatures. Cheers again, Jordan
  2. Thank you very much Kevin! One last question, is there a way to mark the detection as "Safe" to stop it coming up with each scan? Thanks again for the prompt assistance. Cheers, Jordan
  3. Hey Kevin, Attached are the latest logs. Thanks again and look forward to hearing how you go! Cheers, Jordan
  4. Hello Kevin, Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate the info but you have not answered my question. I understand that there is work to be done to determine whether it is a threat or not but how can you justify running those same scanners (aswMBR and also TDSSKiller) twice when the boot record has not been modified yet? I am remotely assisting someone with this issue, and that seems like very liberal use of our time. My other question was the overall outcome of all of these tests, specifically if we do not find any malicious data will this be passed over to Emsisoft to prevent the heuristi
  5. Hey Jeffce, You have not convinced me that these scans are going to be at all worthwhile, especially considering the fact that we have already run 2 of the 3 programs and not made any alterations to the boot record. I fully understand that we need to be thorough when investigating issues like this however I do not have access to the PC at all times and it is very frustrating having to constantly come back to say "we have another 1,2 or 3 programs to run then hopefully we can get a result" to my friend I am helping. Is there no way to send any scanning programs first, then any program that wil
  6. Hi Jeffce, If we do this last lot of scans, is there a chance Emsisoft will release a patch to stop this "Rootkit" being detected? Cheers, Jordan
  7. Hey Jeffce, We've been through your instructions, but doing a "Smart" Emsisoft scan still returns the Possible Rootkit we originally mentioned. I have attached screenshots of the detection, trying to quarantine (Image002) and delete (Image003) Do we just ignore this message from here on in? Cheers, Jordan
  8. Still with you, will have a go at the instructions and let you know!
  9. Hey Jeffce, Cheers for opening this up again, attached are the latest results! FYI I figured out the Internet Explorer issue, it was being blocked by the firewall so this rootkit is all that remains of our troubles. Cheers, Jordan
  10. Aside from the 32 bit version of IE not connecting to the internet it seems to be running very well! Does it look to you like we have a problem? Jordan
  11. HI Jeffce, Here is the latest batch of results for you as requested. Cheers, Jordan
  12. Cheers for that! Attached the latest log. Have you had any luck finding the cause of this possible rootkit detection? Jordan
  13. Yes I am and would rather keep that information out of the public domain please. Are you able to delete that line? (offi...com.au) Will have a go with the aswMBR when I can and upload the logs for you. Cheers, Jordan
  14. Yes I do, I didn't realise there was a response because there was no email alert. I will have to remotely log into the PC and will upload the log ASAP. Cheers, Jordan
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