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  1. hi my HD has crashed! it gave out screeching noises when i turned it on and the computer wouldn't start up at all. thanks for all the help and your time, a pity it was wasted! bye ken
  2. hi, i followed you instructions precisely when i dropped the text file onto the cat all that happened was that the text file opened-nothing else,i waited for a couple of minutes and still nothing happened. i thought that maybe i was meant to download the application but when i clicked on it or rightclicked nothing happened. please advise, regards, ken
  3. hi should i disable zonealam it does not have anti virus but it seems to display anti virus characteristics? also in IE do i disable everything to do with scripting (this is what i have been doing ) or just javascript? thanks, regards, ken.
  4. hi i do not want to remove pctools after your advice i want it to do request scans only, i have disabled everything else including its firewall. in the future i want to run emsisoft as my AV(scrapping avast) ZA and malwarebytes (paid for) using spybot and pctools to run extra scans (pctools on request not scheduled) do you think this is ok? or would you use AVG free instead of malware bytes?also pctools has host protection is this good or would i better using hostsman? thanks a lot regards, ken
  5. hi just to check- i have disabled anything to do with scripting on IE and firefox, after running DDS i have restet them. i could not find any script blocking stuff in any of my anti-malware software. please find attached the files you requested. thanks, regards, ken.
  6. hi more problems! while trying to download from link 1 zonealarm browser security reported "the files content layout and format resembles that of malicious software" i know you wouldn't try to send me any malware but just in case the link has been hijacked i want to check that its just because it probably contains virus defintions that ZA thinks is a threat. just to update you after trying to uninstall zondoo i tried to uninstall adobe reader (because i read that it can harbour malicious code) it wouldn't let me. is this suspect? it said "the windows installer service could not be accessed
  7. hi i can't uninstall yontoo zonealarms came up with endless repeated warnings that yontoo was dispalying suspicious behaviour-it never stopped until i cancelled the uninstall. firstly it said tam installer is trying to communicate with c:\windows\system32\taskhost.exe by opening its process, this went on and on listing different programs from my computer. please help. regards, ken
  8. hi please forgive my ignorance but i did not try to connect to this bad website and was thinking that something inside my computer was trying to connect to it. do you think i will be safe to use my credit cards and online banking sites safely now on this machine? i am a bit paranoid because i have been the subject of credit card fraud in the past a couple of times even though i have only used them on safe sites! i think it is ok for you to clean up, thank you very much for your indepth assistance and i will definitely be recommending your product to my friends. regards, ken
  9. hi my compters running fine! its just a couple of entries in pctools history: Threat Name - Spyware.Known_Bad_Sites Details - Site Guard has blocked access to a bad website Risk Level - High Infection - ad.bnmla.com ( Infection was detected on this computer Threat Name - Spyware.Known_Bad_Sites Type - Internet Temporary File Risk Level - High Infection - - http://ad.bnmla.com/...865&noe=1= 04/10/2012 18:06:28:341 also yontoo is still listed under programs/features should i just unistall it? thanks, regards, ken.
  10. hi an error was is in the first OTL log so i have attached it. on the second run, pctools interupted and reported that OTL was trying to connect to the internet- i allowed it. regards, ken
  11. hi my system is running fine thanks but i'm a bit worried by the threats in the history of pctools. i ran fix with OTL I checked lop check and purity but it got interupted by pctools because it detected that OTL was changing dll or something- i allowed it and ticked box so it would remember, it rebooted i checked the log (attached) and it has an error (maybe caused by the interuption?) should i do the whole thing again? regards, ken.
  12. hello again! i have installed and run pctools yesterday please find attached its history log and the other 2 you requested. yontoo is listed on programs/features (installed 1/10/2012). i don't remember installing anything that this could have been bundled with! many thanks for the ongoing support, regards, ken
  13. hi not sure if i did everything right- i ran OTL run fix with lop check and parity check both checked then restarted and did a new scan with lop check and parity check both unchecked. i only got 1 file, OTL which i have attached. the searchqu option on the selection at the top of the browser has vanished! thanks very much for your time, regards, ken.
  14. hi please find attached the 3 logs you requested re:searchqu many thanks for your time regards ken
  15. hi i scanned my computer with the old version of emisisoft anti-malware (updated to latest definitions) it came up that i had searchqu. i restarted the computer as instructed and did another scan just to make sure it had been removed.it had i checked on the top of IE9 right clicked and it was still there but not ticked. i did a search and found that it is bundled with ilivid which i uninstalled, i then uninstalled searchqu from programs and features-when i did this 2 things happened, zone alarm free stopped a connection to the internet saying that searchqu was trying to transmit a library s
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