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  1. hi. can emsisoft Anti-Malware see websites that we have surfed?
  2. hi.thanks for the reply. but i don't think stuxnet wasn't received by antivirus companies.because mikko hypponen a virus analyst from f-secure said that we had already received stuxnet viruses but we missed detecting those files.and other companies either. http://www.f-secure....s/00002376.html by the way viruses with valid certificates! are growing more and more (we can say governmental viruses).how can i protect myself?please help me. it's about one year that i always feel that my pc is infected.i have never felt my pc to be clean this year.although i have reinstalled my os several times!! after stuxnet and Flame virus i feel every file from microsoft is infected !!! it's kind of paranoid but it's not in my plz.
  3. hi. as you know some of new generation of viruses like stux_net use Microsoft certificates to look legitimate.and antiviruses do not detect how can we detect such viruses with legitimate certificates in emsisoft anti-malware?? (infact i mean new viruses which signatures have not been added to bitdefender engine)
  4. does emsisoft-antimalware block this actions??
  5. hi. there is a program called Re-Enable that removes effects caused by viruses.for example if a virus has blocked access to "Folder Options" it can re-enable folder options. i tried to edit "hosts" file with re-enable and i could do it and save it without Mamutus giving me a warning or blocking it !! why? http://www.tangosoft.../downloads.html
  6. hi is emsisoft antimalware compatible with nod32 smart sec + prevx free ????
  7. hi. http://www.emsisoft....upport/malware/ in this page it's written: "The following malicious programs (Malware) can be detected and removed with Emsisoft Anti-Malware". then there is a list of malwares.does it mean anti-malware only detects these malwares ?? (i don't mean behaviour blocker i mean file guard).
  8. thanks 4 the last reply.but can i use Online Armor + eset nod32 smart security? nod32 smart sec has a built in it compatible with Online Armor ? two firewall at the same time? or should i disable one?
  9.'s very nice .i appreciate you.
  10. hi.can somebody answer my question please?
  11. thanks for know what?i want to ask you a question.i don't want to say something bad about's something in my head.and i changed my antivirus only for your product.believe me. but i once read you have 20 can you find 30000 threats a day??? can you tell me how u do that?(it's a question in my mind i do not want to question your work). i apologize for my rude question in advance.
  12. hi. when updating emsosoft anti-malware it says: "Downloading Signature update... 21225 Signatures: 17626 Trojans, 1531 Spywares, 1949 Worms, 119 Traces" does it mean anti-malware has added 21225 signatures in a single update??