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  1. I've been guilty of that much more than once. No, I'm certain CAPS was not on at any time @ logon. Just thought I'd put that issue out there, maybe it is me, but I think not. Off to go make a new image. If all goes well, will report back. Thanks.
  2. Hi catprincess, That definitely helps. +1 for that. This is the second time this has happened. Version 5.5 it happened on (same issue) and now 6.0. BTW, as this is only my third or fourth post here, am experiencing great difficulty in logging on. Have had to reset twice so far, and did not get a notification of your reply (Profile Settings has now been adjusted). Password difficulties due to being blocked somehow? Certain I am entering the correct password each time.
  3. Wrote it down before committing to gui lock. Checked immediately after to see if it worked. It did. XP Pro SP3, Avast 7.0.1466 Possible to reset w/o uninstalling/installing? Won't password prevent uninstalling? I had this problem before with an earlier version, but restored a system image and got it back. No image was done this time, tho.
  4. XP Pro SP3, Avast 7.0.1466, Online Armor 6.0.1736 trial version. Have 29 days left. What to expect at end of trial?
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