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  1. OOPS! Wrong file. Its a Monday. Here you go. The system is better. Still hangs up every now and then but just for a second.
  2. Sorry I have been gone. I will try the next step and get right back to you. Thanks!
  3. OK here we go. I had to run it twice. The first time my system shut all the way down. Powered off
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I have been running the Smart Scan for about 3 hrs so far. At 95% now. The system is a little slugish, I think it's the scan. But it has had issues for a while now.
  5. I was hit by the FBI ransom stuff. I have run the EEK in SAFE MODE so I can use my computer again, but after the DEEP SCAN it shows that I have Trace.file.powerregscheduler!e1 leftover. I am running all the scans you request (Smart Scan. OTL) and will post as soon as they are done. It took 6 hours the 1st time I ran the Deep Scan, will it take that long for each of the others? Thanks Bibs
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