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  1. The reason I ask is because the typical uninstaller doesn't remove registry entries and leftover files, and a uninstall from the vendor is needed to do a complete uninstall of the product. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Is there a tool to completely uninstall Anti-malware and all file and registry traces? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Another question I had is does EAM also protect against malicious scripts or is that the job of the firewall? Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I was wonder if USB drive auto detection and scanning options would be available in the future? Thanks,
  5. Hello, I was interested in your Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Online Armor Premium Firewall Bundle - 3-Pack [1 Year] for $61.00 USD. I was wondering if there was any options for an additional license because I have 4 computers, and also if there was a multi-year option? Thanks,
  6. Hello, I've been thinking about buying Online Armor Premium ++ which comes with the av, and I was wondering if this product has any rootkit protection? Thanks.