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  1. Current firewalls do not seem to filter out packets from ports 1024-65535 tcp / udp mostly. What worries me in armor online, that is to allow a program to access the internet will automatically allow access to any door without any warning and pop-up alert does not show information such as IPs, ports, files not recognized application tries to access or modify (lay users can allow or block something amiss). Another problem I see is that even manually configuring some armor online applications will ignore this and recreate new rules. For print posted a few posts above, I saw the suite Emsisoft bring something like competing products. Sorry my English!
  2. onlinearmor already has 1 year of their last release, there will be a next? The product was discontinued? or was integrated into Emsisoft Anti-Malware?
  3. fico feliz, isso vai agregar usuarios que não usam por não conseguir intender inglês.
  4. What is your language? I'm from Brazil and I speak Portuguese and my question is simple. when we have a Portuguese version of the online-armor? ========================= Are some popups em Inglês? when I speak of the popup, speak of alerts online armor that even those who have an intermediate level gets confused with the alerts. and already use a lot of time online-armor and am familiar with the software. sorry my english! ============================================================================================= Sou do Brasil e falo português e minha pergunta é simples. quando teremos uma versão em portugues do online-armor ? Já uso a muito tempo o online-armor e estou familiarizado com o software
  5. many do not use the pop-up and be confused in English. sorry my english!
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