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  1. Hi Jeff, I did exactly as you told me and got rid of Combo and OTL. Do you want me to also get rid of EmsisoftEmergencyKit? I want to thank you so much for your advice and the programs you suggested, I have implemented everything. Your help has been great and very timely and thank you very much for your time. The system looks good and now I feel it is better protected. Best regards and the best for you in the future, R.H.
  2. Good morning Jeff, Yesterday I ran Malwarebytes and found a problem which I deleted successfully and then run it again with no problems found. Then I ran Emsisoft and found at least 6 which I deleted successfully and then run it again with no problems. Spybot showed no problems. I also removed Norton and kept Panda Cloud. I would like your opinion on the following software which I currently have in this computer and those of my family: Malwarebyte Spybot Spywareblaster Panda Cloud Emsisoft Ultradefrag Wise Registry Cleaner Slim cleaner Cleanup! Other than that the system seems ma
  3. Hi Jeff, I let ComboFix run overnight producing the attached log The system seems to be running fine, although I can never be certain.... Best regards, R.H.
  4. Hi Jeff, Unfortunately it looks like I still have lots of malware! I attached the results from Malwarebytes. Thanks for your support. Here is the log from the ESET Online Scanner: C:\ProgramData\Tarma Installer\{889DF117-14D1-44EE-9F31-C5FB5D47F68B}\_Setupx.dll a variant of Win32/Adware.Yontoo.B application C:\ProgramData\Tarma Installer\{DA00D550-BB91-4A26-AAE5-9172D626CAAE}\_Setupx.dll a variant of Win32/Adware.Yontoo.B application C:\TDSSKiller_Quarantine\09.10.2012_19.06.52\mbr0000\tdlfs0000\tsk0000.dta Win32/Olmarik.AWO trojan C:\TDSSKiller_Quarantine\09.10.2012_19.06.52\mb
  5. Hi Jeff, I ran OTL with enclosed text. Here is the log. Regards, R.H.
  6. Thanks Jeff, I moved the ComboFix link to the desktop and run Tdsskiller again. Please find attached the log. I think the computer is finally clean. Best regards, R.H.
  7. Hi Jeff, I simply ran ComboFix from the download window. I hope it ran as Administrator. Here is the text file. Best regards, R.H.
  8. Hi Jeff, Thanks for your prompt reply. Please find the requested log attached. Regards, R. H.
  9. I just purchased a laptop that was on display at a Radio Shack and found out that it was infected. However, I was able to load several antivirus programs: emsisoft, malwarebytes, panda cloud, spybot and spywareblaster.....but maybe too late to stop this infection. Any help you can provide me will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, R.H.
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