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  1. slopes

    Emsisoft browser security

    That was fast thanks gt500!
  2. Will EBS work with Chrome on a Linux distro OS ?
  3. slopes

    Is this legitimate ?

    I would assume this is what it is about. I didn't get the notification but I already have the browser security installed through google chrome extensions These might help
  4. slopes

    Licence expiry no longer shown

    I renewed one of my licences a few days ago.It now shows "Active subscription" as well .I renewed through the gui.
  5. slopes

    Adding time to existing license

    I think iirc it adds to days remaining on your old subscription if you use the "renew licence"via the user interface. I don't think it adds days remaining from a trial version Not a 100% sure though Hopefully someone else can confirm this
  6. slopes

    uninstall problem

    Are you no longer going to use eam?
  7. slopes

    Renewal Pricing

    Thanks for looking into this for us GT500
  8. slopes

    uninstall problem Make sure to read the instructions if you decide to use emsiclean
  9. slopes

    Renewal Pricing

    I have 2 separate licences, 1 has just about expired, the emails I received have no link to disable this?
  10. slopes

    Renewal Pricing

    Auto renewal without my permission? Seriously?. I agreed to a one time payment for a one year subscription. Making it difficult to opt out of this has me really rethinking my years long loyalty
  11. slopes

    App lock messed up after update

    Another update and app lock still working intermittently Anyone else having trouble with this?
  12. slopes

    App lock messed up after update

    Numbers are fixed but app lock still not working all the time
  13. slopes

    App lock messed up after update

    Just had a ems update and problems seemed to be fixed
  14. The number pad on App lock was blacked out after Emsisoft update and most of the time doesn't work at all. Can get it working again with a restart but fails again shortly afterwards and numbers are still blacked out. Checked settings all should be working Thanks
  15. slopes


    I couldn't get chrome to open at all.I am pretty sure it was a result of a power failure as it happened right after."windows was not shut down correctly" I uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it.Been using opera but will try chrome again and see what happenes Thanks again gt