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  1. Windows 8/64 In the path: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\HelpLibrary2\Catalogs\VisualStudio11\ContentStore\en-US Are many .metadata files used by Visual Studio 2012. They range in size from 1kb to 69mb. I notice in running a deep scan, that EM AW seems to take a very long time parsing some of these files, even when the the AW interface shows it is scanning one of the 1k files. thanks, Bill
  2. Hi, Right now EAM is busy downloading/installing 50.36 megabytes of updates. I run the update facility every day. It seems rare there are less than 20 megabytes of updates. I am rather amazed at the sheer number of signatures, etc., sent down the pipe each day. I thought you had in place some new facility that reduced the size of updates ? thanks, Bill
  3. Thanks, Arthur, I am certainly comfortable you merged the two questions. EmsiSoft Service can also be easily turn off via the Task Manager: 1. first turn off Guard from the TaskBar. 2. open the Task manager, select the EmsiSoft AV process running, context-click, and select "go to Service," that will open the Service window, and you can stop the a2AntiMalware (PID 756) service there. best, Bill
  4. Win 7 Pro 64 bit There are times, in developing/testing software, where (when dis-connected from the internet, or any network) I wish to completely turn off EmsiSoft AM. The only way I see to do this right now, is to "stop" the a2AntiMalware Service: Is there another alternative ? thanks, Bill
  5. Note: this is a non-networked computer, with only one user, myself, using it as :Administrator. Let me say that I seriously doubt what I report here is connected with EMSISoft Anti-Malware; if this message wastes anybody's time, I apologize. Before making this post, fyi, I ran a "deep" scan on all my installed hard-drives: EM AM found no malware. Problem #1: I'm having an OS wide problem with un-installing software, installing the latest MS Developer Tools (.NET), trying to un-install previous versions of products. The form this problem takes is that the installer, or un-installer, at a ce
  6. Thanks, Christian, for your response. I still see no direct comparison between what the default Windows 7 Firewall provides/does, and what any of the three levels of your "Armor" product does. Perhaps I can find that in a 3rd. party review, somewhere. A question of concern, I think, to any potential user of "Armor" would be: what happens to the default Win 7 Firewall when you install "Armor:" does it have to be disabled: is that automatically done by your software ? thanks, Bill
  7. I am using EmsiSoft Anti-Malware now, and I can't seem to find any information on your site comparing what Online Armor does/provides with what is done and provided by Win 7's built-in Firewall. Any clues ? thanks, B
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