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  1. I take it you are referring to CIS v6. If so, CIS has by default their Behavior Blocker enabled, which in turn will work how 5.10 used to work in terms of protection from HIPS. Mamutu is a Behavior Blocker, which is a variation up until a certain extend HIPS. In any case, it is best if you disable CIS's behavior blocker if you wish to use Mamutu. Mamutu on its own holds its ground. That is not to say you do not need an AV, because you still do. My best advice, without being biased, would be give both a try for awhile and see which one you prefer. PS: if you were referri
  2. I have checked and in March there has been more than 1 weekly update. Small fixes apart from the major 1 week update with new skills and unique items. Although many files are updated etc,Mamutu only alerts on the modified Client.exe everytime. The only thing I keep forgetting to do is to check whats the behavior that Mamutu is monitoring on this particular exe. If you do log into your Witch, well feel free to pay me a visit on Default League. Running a Rain of Arrows Ranger (testing some builds)
  3. Cool thanks a lot. Considering PoE is on Open Beta and every week to 2 weeks there is a new patch, as opposed to EVE's patches, I am fine with having this option checked.
  4. Hi Fabian, would that affect anything if I disable update alerts for PoE?
  5. Everytime a new patch of Path of Exile is released, client name remains the same but other stuff gets changed, including hash entry if I am not wrong. Mamutu is fires up a pop up to update the existing PoE rule I have created everytime a new patch is done (rule is to exclude) Is there a work around?
  6. Hi again. There are 2 games in which Mamutu fires up alerts. I have previously excluded them but when I tried to update, for some odd reason no rules were uploaded. I have removed the rules and re-did them in order to take the screenshots of the alerts. Any chance the 2 games and its processes could be White listed? Games are: RaiderZ (US Version by Perfect World Entertainment) and Seven Core Online (US Version by GPotato), along with its nProtect anti hacking program. RaiderZ pop ups (by order of Launching the Launcher and then getting into game): Seven Core O
  7. HI an update: I can confirm that EVE Online is now whitelisted. Just need to check Awesomenauts. Edit: Awesomenauts alert still appears if I remove the Exclude rule. Edit: Awesomenauts no longer displays alerts without a rule.
  8. Do you want me to run an update and then remove the rules and attempt again? Only problem is that EVE Online is down now for 30 minutes for maintenance, so I won't be able to bypass the patcher. Let me know. There is also Awesomenauts (from) that is not whitelisted (at least it wasn't yesterday). Screenshot below taken just now (after deleting the rule I had created for it (Exclude). File also attached.
  9. No. It is on stock settings. Here is the screenshot I used for the Overview on another forum:
  10. Hi there. Is there anyway I can send the following files to have it whitelisted? These belong to EVE Online which is a MMO. Suggestions come empty which leads me to believe no one really stumbled across this game, which was released back in 2003 and has a constant 30k to 40k+ players online without counting peak hours. Screenshots below: The first one being the launcher being launched: The second one is after launcher being excluded and pressing "Play" and before the Game is actually launched. Files attached in 7z extention.
  11. As long as both EAM and ESET are excluded on on both ends they can be ran together without any problem. You may tweak ESET scanning options or EAM for better results but from both mine and umbra's tests, EAM did catch it before ESET so it was fine. So what I did was change threatsense in ESET while EAM was on stock settings. hope it helps.
  12. Cool thank you for letting me know. Hopefully I shouldn't have any problem. It is just that I am not that experienced with avast and mamutu, that is why I asked as I kept having the feeling I missed out something.
  13. Hello everyone. Could someone tell me if running Mamutu with avast 7 free (all shields apart IM/P2P/Mail) would there be any conflict? I have excluded both avast processes in Mamutu As for avast, I have excluded Mamutu.exe and a2service.exe in avast's behavior shield as well as scans. Am I missing something or they can co-exist in harmony like that? I know for a fact that avast with EAM only required excluding scanners on both ends. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  14. Considering the slowdows I have removed it from the system. I can still provide most of the information required but any further info will be done via a virtual machine. let me know if that is ok.
  15. The service issues is not the only problem I am having. 2 other problems I experience and at least one has been reported here: - Updating the software hangs the PC to a point I have to do a hard reset. - Occasionally, it takes nearly 1 minute to boot up/loading services once I type in my user account password. - Up to 300k + on RAM usage upon update completion and takes quite a while to settle down to even below 70k. Current build is the official one. Until this is sorted, I am returning to ESET, despite having a 1 year license for EAM. Really hope this gets sorted ASAP as I do like EAM
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