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  1. So today i decided to open my Emsisoft License Center account, but i has this slight problems. 😕 The new https://my.emsisoft.com/login then asking for security code that was sent to my google account that was deleted a long time ago. I attached the proof that i manage to salvage it from my old hdd. Please advise regards. 😅 All the extended key i got is from the https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/3662/referral-rewards-program/. Last but not least i remember the last time i opened the account. Emsisoft decided to limit all my key expiring date to 2028. 😆 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Never mind solved, luckily i found all my key in my old hdd. 😎 other key
  2. No i don't change the local time, but after an update everything is went back to normal , regard.
  3. I activate the giveaway key and this what i get thanks emsisoft
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