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  1. No, i mean that scheduler was set to 8:00 - 23:00 (with interval 3h), but was updating also over night (after 23:00). Looks like interval working ok, but scheduler time range was ignored completly.
  2. Sorry, but scheduler does not work for me, even with correct settings.
  3. I think that this may be normal behavior. From 1 to 30 minutes is a step of 1 min, and then switches to step hour. There remains one question malfunctioning scheduler.
  4. I just open EAM, run update, make 3 screenshots. EAM was opened for 1-2 minutes, then closed to tray and opened again after 15 seconds.
  5. Manual update work ok, but i see that on main screen "last update" showing only time from automatic updates, not manual. Even more strange, after closing to tray and opening EAM after 15 seconds "last update" was changed from 29min to 1h.
  6. Scheduler broken again, updating with 9:00:00 - 23:59:59.
  7. Today updates seems back to normal. As for the update by clicking on a tab, it happened a few times, very random and now I can not reproduce this behavior (I know that when you change the settings, the update will start immediately if the conditions for its launch).
  8. Please see attached images. With this settings EAM updating all the time, BUT when i set 9:00:00 - 00:00:00 EAM stop updating at all. Another thing, with settings like on images, autoupdate starting immediately when i enter "Automatic updates" tab (see last update in log 10:45:56).
  9. Thank you Christian, I started tests.
  10. Some time ago, for 2-3 days I tested version 6.0 and uninstalled it because of the false positives. Today, after installing version 7.0 I have information about the license expires. Do I also could ask for the key to extend trial version? Even 2-3 days should be sufficient for testing.