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  1. Hello there I install comodo internet security and I find a hips for Emsisoft ( Emsisoft Mamutu ) I want to disable comodo hips and install Emsisoft Mamutu What is your opinion
  2. Hello there I want ask What the best anti virus can I put it with Online armor but I dont want Emsisoft anti malaware please help Thanks
  3. Hello there I want ask I download online armor and uninstall comodo firewall but the computer be slow in work and start up and use high ram Do you have in idea Thanks
  4. Hello there How are you? I have problem with online armor I try It and comodo firewell but I find the comodo firewell is light than online armor and the online armor is make the computer slow does the problem is only with me ???? Do you have any thing to make onlin armore light and not heavy on the computer please help me thanks
  5. Hello steve I try comodo firewell and try Online armor firewell But online armor use high ram and make pc slow I dont know why
  6. thank you very much ok I want ask you who the Heavy comodo firewall or Online armore ???? thanks
  7. Hello there How are you I want ask what the best to use on my PC Now I use comodo internet security but the computer is slow my ram 900 MB what the best to use comodo firewall + Emsioft anti malware or Online armore + Emsioft anti malware or another security programme please Help me Thanks
  8. Hello man thank you very much I have problem I use comodo 6 and I search the .exe files in the post but I dont find it in comodo folder Can you help me Thanks
  9. Hello there how are you Please I want ask Can I put emsisoft anti-malware with comodo Internet security without the computer will be slow Ram 900 MB Thanks
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