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  1. Yes ,i've got thunderbird,but maintenanceservice is included in Thunderbird directory I create a rule for it......
  2. With FF 43.0.4 i got the some problem,but i have not Mozilla Maintenance Service on full access.Now i set EAM so that FF works with full privileges.I hope everithing goes well.
  3. With last version of FF(43.0.4) i got a problem.EAM show me a pop-up very often, although I agree.I've setted eam so that FF is always running(behavior on). C/prog files/firefox/update/firefox.exxe does not exist.
  4. The problem begins on Utorrent startup.Internet navigation is compromised.It was found the problem from logs ?
  5. Italian support doesnt works fine.I got answers one time a week.I got a log with oasrv from 15 to 30% usage . Is it low too?May i post log?
  6. No,it's installed in c/prog/OA
  7. Ok , but there is not logs directory in c/prog/online armor/. I've activated debug mode and restarted pc.
  8. This process takes a lot of cpu usage.this does not always happen. Then i close OA and restart the firewall so i can see that this exe runs well.I don't use pc for particular uses(internet,torrent).This process works bat just on startup(i use ibernation)
  9. But...it's a great working.I can't put this file in white list.I must replace it ,after i must start scan, then i can put it in white list from scann results
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