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  1. Yes ,i've got thunderbird,but maintenanceservice is included in Thunderbird directory I create a rule for it......
  2. With FF 43.0.4 i got the some problem,but i have not Mozilla Maintenance Service on full access.Now i set EAM so that FF works with full privileges.I hope everithing goes well.
  3. With last version of FF(43.0.4) i got a problem.EAM show me a pop-up very often, although I agree.I've setted eam so that FF is always running(behavior on). C/prog files/firefox/update/firefox.exxe does not exist.
  4. The problem begins on Utorrent startup.Internet navigation is compromised.It was found the problem from logs ?
  5. Italian support doesnt works fine.I got answers one time a week.I got a log with oasrv from 15 to 30% usage . Is it low too?May i post log?
  6. No,it's installed in c/prog/OA
  7. Ok , but there is not logs directory in c/prog/online armor/. I've activated debug mode and restarted pc.
  8. This process takes a lot of cpu usage.this does not always happen. Then i close OA and restart the firewall so i can see that this exe runs well.I don't use pc for particular uses(internet,torrent).This process works bat just on startup(i use ibernation)
  9. But...it's a great working.I can't put this file in white list.I must replace it ,after i must start scan, then i can put it in white list from scann results
  10. Something about hkey local mac/software/microsoft/windows nt/current version/image file execution options/Taskmgr.exe>debugger.It's a part of Process explorer(when it replaces Win task manager), but it's put in quarantine
  11. I have installed/uninstalled many times OA in my life without problems.I've learned a new lesson.It seems to be going well.
  12. Hi.It sometimes happens that the icon of OA is not loaded ,but the firewall works.Iesterday i decided to reinstall oa,so with the help of Total uninstaller(for the first time and i think for the last time).When OA asked me to reboot system i decided not to do so.When Total U ask me to clean files i decided Yes ,but i receve a BSOD (oa sys problem). I feel comfortable after reinstalling?
  13. Ok boys. With acceleration switch off Firefox works fine.I displayed the problem one year ago(in italian forum i think)with no positive results. Thanks again.
  14. Colored border still creates the same problem as 6 version in Firefox.
  15. I would like to know whether the safe mode of OA free firewall is equal to that EMET and otherwise recommended using EMET.Thanks
  16. I meant that it is better to disable the green border that disable hardware acceleration.Perhaps the problem is just colored border infact it don't works on my IE
  17. It is true.Perhaps it is better to disable the green border and let the hardware acceleration switch on.
  18. You're right.I also send the log to GT500.Thanks
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