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  1. If I install the public beta, will it auto update to the final version when released or I will have to uninstall it then reinstall again?
  2. excellent! that's how NOD32 does it! glad you guys have a friendly activation system! I had so much trouble with Kaspersky before since I tend to reinstall Windows often, 3 activations with Kaspersky and your license is blocked and good luck on support ever re-activating it again! They will take around 7 days and require you send them receipts and an explanation! I can't believe that at this day and age some companies use such bad activation verification methods. Kudos to Emsisoft for this great way of monitoring licenses
  3. In other AVs I've had, you can always login to your license center and disable the license that is currently on a system so you can easily reinstall the program say if you changed the OS or what not.... I want to downgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 Pro now... what is the proper way of installing EAM on my Windows 7 while not making the license think I am using it on more than one computer? shall I just uninstall EAM first before formatting? or will EAM simply note my computer name and realize its the same computer not that I am using it on more than one PC?
  4. I know Norton AV does clean tracking cookies. Yes they arne't malicious, but they track user behaviour, was a nice feature if it was already there in EAM, why remove it? anyway, not a show stopper for me since I use SAS just for that purpose. I know what you're thinking, why not simply delete all my cookies on browser exit? because I don't want to lose my logins in various sites and don't want to add exceptions to CCleaner for like a 100 sites, too time consuming.
  5. ohh what a shame...thanks for the fast reply...guess I have to use SAS for that
  6. I just read this on the Emsisoft website: The Emsisoft engine originated in the anti-spyware and anti-trojan field and has developed into a world-class solution in the fight against malware. In addition to typical detection capabilities, the engine includes extensive identification of tracking cookies and malware traces in the registry and file system. We've also integrated advanced malware removal functions. But EAM isn't cleaning or finding my tracking cookies. I would love if it could so I can get rid of SUPERAntiSpyware on demand that I use just for that purpose is there any option I'm missing?
  7. How can I exclude an entire folder from detection? I only found a way to exclude a certain EXE
  8. I thought it was an AV and I bought it since it scores top on AV Comparatives, when I was happy and telling some people on one forum, one dude told me that this is not an AV replacement?? Is it true?? please don't say this is like MBAM sort of like a compliment to a full time AV as I do have a lifetime license for MBAM and hate it, it's all false positives. I wanted a light and good AV I can depend on I'm confused, I thought it was a full AV that uses its own engine + bitdefender, please correct my understanding
  9. nevermind, just discovered that these forums allow users to change their username by themselves! very neat feature
  10. I never knew I had an account here until LastPass logged me in automatically. I have a 3 year license for every AV out there and got sick of each one's quircks... I bought Emsisoft Anti-Malware 3 year license just now hoping to god it has no quircks or FPs... back on topic, can some admin please change my username to MaXimus thank you
  11. I have OA Free for testing before I take the plunge to the Premium edition
  12. alright, thanks for showing me what kind of crappy support y'all have! Won't be purchasing online armor anymore! 48 hours and no reply! so sad
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