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  1. Thanks for making me look again. The order is simply different. For those after me, If a "Gold Star" appears on the EmsiSoft icon in the Notifications after disabling "Browser Security Verification" it was cleared after forcing an update. Per the forum this star means "Game Mode" is turned on and the registry hack didn't help. Jeremy, Please understand the reduced contrast Security Overview screen is very tiring to read and almost impossible. Even the text currently being typed brings tears (literally) to the eyes but is, at least, larger so it is readable. However, I apologize f
  2. I don't have the "Enterprise" version. Can we turn it off in Emsisoft Anti-Malware. The every few hours pop-up is aggravating. I tried to see more about it the first few times it popped-up and it crashed each time. So, I researched it and simply don't want it.
  3. Thank you for the repsonse, which I somehow overlooked until today. I apologize for the delay. There have been no additional reported crashes. The registry has just been updated to generate a full dump. (Instruction said to use full dump if requested by a developer, Emsisioft is the developer, so...).
  4. Jeremy, We both agree that using Help > About would match industry "standards". I do use standards there in the very loosest terms. However, consider that it can be found ad copied using the log.by clicking "view details". To select only the version number requires using the arrow and shift keys and not the mouse. So, it is available and it is copiable. PS. I apologize for having revived a three year old post but, personally, when I'm searching for an answer I really don't like reading through numerous posts on the same topic. In this case the version was no long
  5. Any idea how to stop a2service.exe from crashing? With the exception of the information level entry for the most recent crash only the FIVE errors that have occurred over the past THREE days are listed. Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Full Version 2017.10.1.8165 Windows 10 Pro 10.0.16299 N/A Build 16299 x64-based PC MalwareBytes Anti-MalwareBytes Premium ( was installed until very late Nov 2) Webroot SecureAnywhere ========================================================= 2017-11-01 11:28:58 AM Fault bucket 120866368231, type 4 Event Name: APPCRA
  6. Fabian, I agree with you. Most, not all, software has a help icon/link with the option for help or about. The about usually lists the version number. I'm not sure that hitting the update button would provide me the version number which was wanted for a couple of help requests that were opened. I find it strange anyone would want to see the version numbers all the time, but habits vary! We used to say vive la différence. Isn't it sad that about half the world now say you must think like and agree with us or we will unfriend, shun, and scream at you?
  7. I was getting confused. It is Malwarebytes that is not updating. Sorry. As a result I was trying to document all my anti-malware applications and had to figure out how to do that. Confusion abounds; at the moment.
  8. Thanks. I had accidentally clicked there and looked but didn't see the version in the position of a subtitle. Even looking now, with my eyes, light grey on off-white is difficult to read. For me, the log was much easier to read. In addition, the version can be copied by clicking "view details". To select only the version number required using the arrow and shift keys and not the mouse.
  9. Never mind, I found the answer to my primary question.. I still want to know why the version number is hidden Here is where the version number is currently listed.. Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware by right clicking the icon in the system tray select "Security Overview" Select tab "Logs" Find the most recent entry for: Component: Core Action: Protection started The Details column lists the version number I know this is an old thread, but, it appears the location of the version has been moved and I am una
  10. I would like to state that Emsisoft is correct. Only admin accounts should be allowed to make important changes. For example, on a user account opening the control panel restricts most of what I can do. I would also like to state that the User is correct. For example, on a user account I have the option to open the control panel or a command prompt with administrator privileges. Could we please be told how to open Emsisoft Anti-Malware with Administrator privileges. (Never mind... I just reread and saw we can grant a password so user accounts can perform updates... maybe that wil
  11. Umbra, You are awesome and I thank you for your responses. Bless you! You are correct, that is my router. I don't undestand how I failed to see the Static NAT link before posting nor did I click on the other links such as DMZ Host. Continued research turned up a thread that stated if your IP address is 192.168 then you are probably behind a NAT. Thank you for the explanation of the differences. That gives me some comfort. To say I am uncomfortable with any security provided by Microsoft would be an understatement.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't have a facebook, twitter, etc. account so can't "join" the blog dixcussion. The other threads didn't help with my questions. I have several questions. 1. How do I tell if my "Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I" router is a NAT router or nt? If not, it appears I must now purchase a new router and set it up becuase of the loss of a firewall ... groan. (Verizon doesn't mention this router version and looking a the configuration I see no references to NAT. 2. Tell me what Emsisoft Anti-Malware will do that Malwarebytes Premium doesn't do? One thing it did was to pro
  13. Arthur, Thanks for the response. Sorry for using the term "more powerful". It still makes no sense, to me, that a security program which makes a "Leap in technology" in order to prevent applications from "destroying your files..." would allow an unknown program to do what OA would not. Online armor: stopped unknown programs from executing and, if allowed to execute stopped the program from deleting files getting a list of files executing ftp and sending data to an unknown website Even when OA was told to allow that program to always execute, OA would ask again if the progr
  14. Peter, Thanks. That makes sense. There was an option to allow that "program" to change so it was allowed. The entry does not appear in any list, including the Whitelist, so I can't remove it to test your suggestion. However, your information will be used in the future and is appreciated. Updated. Found the entry in the "Behavior Blocker Log". After "Allow Always" was selected for the sandboxie program, the log listed "App rule added". 42 seconds later the log lists "App rule deleted." I tried adding "c:\Program Files\Sandboxie\rmdir" as both a name and file and "c:\Program
  15. It gave me comfort having OA block unknown programs from executing. For example, I would write and execute small command files and OA would ask for permission to allow them to run. I would grant "one time only" permission and life was good. Now, they just run. It makes no sense to remove a security feature from a "more powerful" version of an Emsisoft security application so how do I enable this feature in EIS? On the flip side, when "Delete Contents" was executed in Sandboxie OA asked for permission.. Later, while browsing, EIS stated that Sandboxie RMDIR "program" had changed
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