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  1. has there been any progress with this? I'm just curious whether I should be watching for a fix or not... I'd understand if fixing this is not on the agenda..
  2. Sorry if I was unclear.. I was saying that the same thing happens for your free anti-malware product under PE.. essentially it crashes the same was as your emergency kit. I figured this might be of some use to know that it occurs across the product line. The services installed by these programs are a2acc (a-squared mini filter) and Emsisoft anti-malware service (a2service.exe). A2stasrt and a2wizard crash the same was as the emergency kit... All products seem to suffer from a buffer overflow shortly after executing according to procmon..
  3. Just FYI, I sent the bug report from bart pe... i gave all the information, but did not receive a confirmation in the email.. Is there a way to tell if it failed or not?
  4. I have the same problem, and I'm also trying anti-malware.. According to process explorer, it seems to crash with a buffer overflow during a "filenameinformation" operation. I have installed the a2 anti malware service in my test PE plugin, along with the A2acc filter service. The A2service starts for me, and I can run hijackfree and blitzbank fine.. A2wizard and A2start.exe crash instantly though. I also ran dependency walker, and I have zip here. It all checks out... I'm open to further debugging if anyone has any ideas.
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