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  1. Jeff: I did uninstall MS Security Essentials and download Avast; AVAST first run took hours, but it did complete a full scan(and in the process, Windows Defender popped back up ready to go.) Couple of things that showed up and/or I don't know what to do about. First, I've deleted everything I downloaded during this clean-up process with the exception of Malwarebytes Rootkit, Malwarebytes(free trial which is going to expire in 4 days anyway); and Emsisoft. I deleted TDSSKiller, but there is still a TDSSKiller Quarantine file; and all kinds of bad stuff is in there. It popped up over and ov
  2. Jeff I ran the Tweaking Windows.com; completed and rebooted. I then downloaded/installed 14 updates from Windows Update, no problem. I also ran other programs at the same time, leaving that in background, and it was fine; a little slower, but nothing unexpected. However, I still can't get MS Security Essentials to complete a scan(it downloads updates and does run Quick Scan no problem, but not a full scan.) I'm considering uninstalling and reinstalling a new copy; or maybe just dumping it and downloading free version of Avast and using Windows Defender again. Suggestions? Good, bad, wha
  3. I must be an idiot. I pull up the cmd.exe box, but there is no option to run it as an administrator. I've right clicked all over the screen and that option never materializes...and yes, if I put the chkdsk command in without, it tells me I need an elevated command prompt. What am I doing wrong? Got to tell you, this process is getting old.... Thanks, Jeff! Suzie
  4. Jeff: MBAR says no malware. It locked up this machine the first time and I had to turn it off/back on. Then ran it twice more to be certain; both times it says nothing there, no cleanup required. Suzie
  5. Jeff: Sorry, brain challenged. I did remove combofix and all the log files; cleaned up with OTL, made the security changes you recommended. I've kept malwarebytes (I keep it on the desktop to run when something weird pops up). I downloaded Online Armor's firewall, but can't get it to install. My laptop freezes up on the last line of the security check, twice. I also can't get MS Security Essentials to run a full scan, same thing, it freezes up. In between attempts, I've checked my power settings; display and system are set to be always on when hooked up to power. Also, over the last
  6. Jeff: I can't access the combofix uninstall page on either chrome or IE...I'll try later today.
  7. Jeff: Even though Defender is changed to automatic start-up, it still won't run. I told it to start in msc, and it tried to, but then shut down again. When I try to run it from control panel or programs list(start), I get the same error message I listed in post #16. ?? Thanks, Suzie
  8. Jeff: Defender won't run; I copied the warning box verbiage in previous post. OTL ran; I am attaching the log. Will i remove all those trojans/viruses that showed up in last scans? Thanks, Suzie
  9. "Windows Defender encountered an error: 0x800106ba. A problem caused this program's service to stop. To start the service, restart your computer or search Help and Support for how to start a service manually."
  10. Jeff: Ok, I finally got everything completed. Java is installed, cache cleared(should I do that every time I download their updates?), ESET run(wouldn't complete in IE, so I ran it in Chrome); and FSS. Logs are attached. Amazing how many trojans are on the machine! Guess it explains why the machine hangs up, slows down and freezes up so much. It appears to be running better, but I'd have to use it for a day or so and see if those issues have gone away. Thanks, Suzie
  11. Jeff: One more issue...I can't turn on Windows Defender. Tried to access via Control panel; message box says it's turned off and it won't turn on when I push Turn on. I looked at program files/Window Defender to start the exe. file; same message box comes up, that its' turned off. I go to the defender website to download and it aborts the download, saying that it came with Vista and I should access it via program files. This is the first problem I initially had back in late July... Thanks, Suzie
  12. Jeff: It seems that my computer is actually working!! The Windows update was installed, it is responding to commands without dragging...it looks like it's fixed! I'm attaching the logs; the first from the fix and the second from the scan. I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials and previously also used Windows Defender(have Vista on this machine); although the Defender was disabled by the virus/rootkit/whatever and I was unable to reinstall it. The problem, I believe, originated when I used an unsecured network in an airport while traveling... Any suggestions/preferences for
  13. I get the same result. Vageta/combofix extracts the files and backs up registry; then a new screen pops up with the message "attempting to create a new system restore point". Nothing happens after that; and eventually the computer locks up and a I have to do a cold boot to restart. After that happened, I deleted both ComboFix and Vageta from my desktop; downloaded the file again(from the first link, second one doesn't work for me), renamed to vageta and tried again with the same result. Next thought? Thanks, Suzie
  14. Jeff: I'm on my third try, but can't get ComboFix to run. It was saved directly to my desktop, and I ran it as an administrator. It opens all the files and then a blue screen, Administrator at the top left, says; "Please wait. ComboFix is preparing to run. Attempting to create a new System Restore point." It never progresses past that point(I've left it for >an hour). I've turned off security essentials, windows firewall, spybot, malwarebytes, and a couple of other random things. Any ideas? another suggested program? Thanks, Suzie
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