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  1. Hello i have checked subscription status / It says that it valid for 1046 days. When i tried to activated software on my phone it says that the key is already in use
  2. muadddibb

    Emsisoft mobile security

    hello again I do not see uninstall button there. I had to reset my phone and now i cant activate your software on it
  3. Problem with your protection for Mobile . adroid 6 on Samsung Galaxy A5 2016. I understand the pin code that is generated must prevent the removal of your product from the device administrators. without entering the correct PIN code it must not be possible to turn it off and take away his admin rights. However, this protection does not work
  4. Hello After installing new version of mobile security i can not activate Anti-Theft. Tried reinstalling it and nothing helps. When i try to log in to my account with my username and password it says that the username and password are incorrect. I'm 100. percent sure that hey are
  5. muadddibb

    updated,now wont load

    I must say that after update i can not activate anti theft
  6. muadddibb

    EIS Update Error

    I can say that the the firewall issues is not fixed
  7. muadddibb

    Online Armor and no internet

    Any word from your developers. I can not use your firewall because of that problem
  8. muadddibb

    Online Armor and no internet

    Here is what you asked
  9. muadddibb

    Online Armor and no internet

    I already posted logs Should i do tha again log at the begining are forom debugging mode already
  10. muadddibb

    Online Armor and no internet

    P.S My pc is AMD 2.60 G 8.00 RAM
  11. Hello Affter some time your firewall kills my internet conection my pc says that there is limited or no conectiviti After restar it all working fine and after a while it is the same thing/ Im running windows 8.1 x64 Here is the firewall logs from debuging mode Hope that you can help me
  12. muadddibb


    Hello What can I do I I would like to get a refund The support is not answering to my emails