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  1. Got it, and thanks again. Best, Jerry
  2. Hi Lynx, Thanks for the welcome and reply. I have found that MBAM runs well with all the AVs I have used, including KIS, F-Secure, Avast, Avira, and Norton. Based upon your information I would install Mamutu and let it run. I appreciate the help. Regards, Jerry
  3. I am currently using the following on my laptop which is XP Home. Norton IS 2011 beta, MBAB Pro (real time), Win Patrol. I am wondering if Mamutu will run alongside these, and how best to use it. Should it run real time or on demand? What security does it add to what I am using? Would you suggest that I remove MBAM? I consider that I am pretty much an average user as far as computer expertise is concerned. I used a-squared for awhile, but FPs discouraged me. Thanks. Regards, Jerry