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  1. Thank you Kevin - that is great news!! Thanks for the reminder on clearing the browser cache. I should've thought of that myself, being a retired, but forgetful, systems programmer!! I've just cleaned my sister's browser cache and hope it helps. I've cleaned my own too - hers took a lot longer time than mine.. hmmmm... Enough of that! Thanks again for all your help. I'll talk to sis about my getting a license for Emsisoft for her pc. I use it on both of mine. Case closed - very grateful.
  2. Thanks again, Kevin. My sister used the computer for a couple of hours after I removed the 2 "culprits" using Roguekiller. She said that other than Yahoo's mail server not responding (LOL) she said it was acting much better, for example not deluging her screen with ads while she's trying to read something. Definitely improved performance. I ran EEK and then FRST. The logs are attached. scan_180731-222220.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. I ran a new scan, saved the text report and have attached it. RogueKiller Report Text.txt
  4. Thanks, Kevin. The Rogue Killer report is attached. RKreport_SCN_07272018_212834.json
  5. Hi Kevin, I just ran a new FRST scan then copied the code and clicked the "fix" button in FRST. The fixlog file is attached. Thanks! Fixlog_26-07-2018 22.58.58.txt
  6. Thanks, Kevin. I did a fresh FRST scan and the 2 logs are attached. FRST_25-07-2018 20.53.23.txt Addition_25-07-2018 20.53.23.txt
  7. Thanks, Kevin. I've attached the original EEK scan file. I just ran FRST again , copied your code to my clipboard and clicked Fix in the FRST window. I've attached the Fixlog. scan_180723-164224.txt Fixlog_24-07-2018 21.24.50.txt
  8. My sister's Win 10 Asus pc has been acting badly. I downloaded free Emsisoft. I have the paid version on my PC and know it's great. I ran a Malware scan and 4 suspicious files were found. When I tried to delete and then quarantine them, Emsisoft put up the message "removing these … high risk of crashing your system....contact support … " I'm attaching the logs from EEK and FRST. The culprits are: Gen:Variant.Strictor.83319(b) Gen:Trojan.Heur.FU.ju)@aSTEIDhl(B) Gen.Variant.Graftor.53846(B) Gen:Variant.Strictor.83393(B) FRST_23-07-2018 17.41.35.txt Addition_23-07-2018 17.41.35.txt
  9. Sorry for the noise. Did some experimenting and found that Safari had no trouble with the OSI site so I executed it there. It came up with only an old version of Adobe Flash Player and one of Java (after I downloaded the ones your instructions recommended?). I downloaded the newest versions of both and reran OSI which found no "possible threat" software. Then I went back to the drawing board on Firefox and found that Java had become disabled in Firefox (which I should have investigated in the first place). I enabled it and OSI loaded and executed successfully. OSI works smoothly also on Chrome, but it still seems to hang on IE 9. I use IE only for one website which doesn't work well with anything other than IE so I'd call this a successful outcome for me. thanks again for all your help on this lengthy house-cleaning journey through my PC's file systems. After reading the reviews of Emsisoft's web security software, I'll definitely invest in it. ~L
  10. Thanks. Using my admin account, I followed your instructions and dowloaded both the 32 and 64 bit versions of JRE. closed all applications then double clicked on the downloads. Got the installation successful popups for both 32 and 64 bit versions and the one that said future updates to Java will be automatic. Clicked ok and closed the download windows explorer window. Opened up firefox. It asked about the Java console, clicked ok, and it restarted Firefox. Came here then went to the OSI page and got the same result as before - could not load the Java applet. Cleared all recent history and cookes, same result. Any ideas?
  11. I did the Combofix /Uninstall, OTL Cleanup and Ccleaner successfully (no errors, other messages to the contrary) and removed TDSSkiller and whatever of the C:\ files you listed that existed. Then I turned system restore off/on to clear/reset the restore points and ran Windows Update. I started Secunia Online Software Inspector and got a popup saying "There might be problems loading the Java Applet in your browser. If you are sure that Java is installed (version 1.6.xx or later..." message. I'm using Firefox, latest version downloaded within the last month, and I'm pretty sure Java is installed but when I searched for Java in All Programs and right-clicked on Java. Could not determine which version is installed. Is OSI talking about Java? Java Runtime Environment? Java somethingelse?? or all of the above? I googled for a download site and there are a bazillion of them. I don't know where/how to update Java or if it's even needed. In any case, OSI stalled and produced no output and the stop button refused to be clicked. Suggestions? Thanks for the links to the computer safety articles. Found some details I'd been looking for. ~L Status / Currently Processing: There might be problems loading the Java Applet in your browser.
  12. Somehow I thought you'd say that. :-) I reran OTL with the added code and Purity and Lop check checked. The log is attached. thanks!
  13. Thanks. With my admin account, I ran OTL Run Fix with the Purity and Lop check boxes checked and the extra code inserted in the box at the bottom of the screen. After the reboot, the OTL window came up again and the log is attached. Unfortunately I accidentally deep-sixed the OTL log from the first run, sorry. :*) So far, things seem to be running fine. Tested all 4 browsers and they performed as expected with some of my usual sites, including this one. Took a look at task manager and with only this window running (Firefox), it's showing a normal 2% to 6% cpu busy and <2 GB memory. Thanks very much.
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