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  1. AdwCleaner[S19].txt AdwCleaner[S18].txt AdwCleaner[S15].txt RKreport_SCN_03102018_105008.json RKreport_DEL_03102018_163544.json RKreport_SCN_03112018_225657.json RKreport_SCN_03122018_160538.json
  2. This Disk is a datas disk That run very good. I did a check disk earlier of all my Disks and I didn't have any pb. This is not the C:\ Disk and not the cause of my slow speed. when I run Marlwarebyte I have every time PUM and PUP signatures. Also regular PUP with AdwCleaner or Roguekiller. I just run a check disk again of the disk 3
  3. The partition was not marked as active. So I did it and now doing a check disk. Will send new a new report of FRST Addition_08-03-2018 08.39.25.txt FRST_08-03-2018 08.39.25.txt
  4. Hello Kevin, You're right the was a disk not link but now I think it is ok. But my machine is very slow. It looks that Kaspersky cleaner cleaned the rootkit but nothing really better. What do you want me to do ?
  5. Thank you Kevin for your reply. Here are the files for you best regards scan_180223-063740.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hello Guys, I just runt EMISOFT Emergency Kit and I have been alert on this virus in this directory : \DosDevices\PhysicalDrive4 The message said that the sofware is not allowed to clean it to avoid destruction of the system Win. Can you help me to clean this signature ? Thank you for your answers Dominique
  7. ok, I did all the task.Did not read the doc yet but I will do it ! Thanks a lot for your nefficient help. If you need any report or feed back just say it. good luck Kevin
  8. Sorry Kevin, Im not shure wich one was the smart because I had to restart the machine because of a driver troubble. Waiting for your feedback
  9. EAM i ok in smart scan and looks ok in deep scan also. do you need the report ?
  10. dear Sir, here is the document report. Im running now the emisoft anti-virus. let me know what to do with the dirty files.
  11. The machine stop alone Kevin. And every time I try to run combofix it seem that it creat troubble with the video card. Now I m just after Kaspersky operation? How shall I continue ? Shall I start emisoft anti virus again? Thank's
  12. Kevin, Is it possible to reset the machine ? So I can use it for my work ? Thank's for ur answer Dominique
  13. Now I profit befor your answer that the machine run for more than one hour. Shat shal I do ?