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  1. GT500 - Thanks very much for the help
  2. Hi After Emsisoft Internet Security updated a notification was displayed stating: "As you have customized the global firewall rules in the past the new rules have not been automatically applied to your computer. To apply them, please go to Settings reset the "Global firewall rules" to factory defaults" I cannot see a button allowing me to do this on the Settings page, nor. on the Firewall page. I can see a 'Factory defaults' button under "Backup and restore settings" but this seems to apply to the entire product. Can anyone help with this, please?
  3. Hi I sorted this out by manually defining a rule for both of the files that the alerts were being displayed for. To clarify: I open Steam and the game is listed and is ready to play. No updates have been downloaded and applied. I run the game and three alerts appear for the game's exe one after the other. So, I click Update rule and the alert closes then opens again etc etc etc. I had tried clicking Update Rule each time and had also tried clicking Remove rule each time they were displayed. I play the game, then quit. If I immediately start the game again the same alert was displayed three times in succession. It was doing this every single time for the last three weeks or so.. Now that I have manually defined a rule and told it not to alert when the file is updated it has stopped. It was very strange. I've been playing the game for a long time (142 hrs total so far) and these alerts never used to be displayed.
  4. Thanks for the response. The problem is that the file is not being updated. Steam notifies you when an update is required. I can start the game and receive the prompts - there are three of them, play the game, close it, start it again immediately and the prompts appear again. I've been using EMSISoft's product for many years and am familiar with this. Usually, update rule works, but not in this case.
  5. Additionally, when I click the option to show further details the pane is blank
  6. Hi Recently I have seen an alert appear time and time again for two programs. One is a game that runs via Steam and the second is an Nvidia display driver/GeForce Experience component. Whenever I launch the game I see: Warning. This program has been changed. The dialog presents me with the option to update the rule or to remove it. The same warning for the Nvidia file appears every time I close iTunes. I have tried removing the rule and updating it but this warning returns every single time. It is not intermittent. I have the Steam folder added to the whitelist. I have manually removed the rule for the game in the hope that EIS will recreate the rule and then behave itself. But - I am not certain this is the rule referred to. I am running Windows 8.1 on an i7 quad (8 cores) with 16GB RAM. The system partition which EIS and Nvidia is installed on is a SSD, but Steam is installed on a SATA disk. Let me know if you would like any further information. Can anyone help me identify what is happening, please? Thanks
  7. Hi, Christian Apologies for the late response. The wireless network is already set to Private. I just tried the VPN connection and it worked! Damn I am confused. Thanks a lot anyway
  8. Hi I frequently connect to my work's network via VPN. Recently I bought a new computer and installed a TP-Link wireless networking card. What happens is that when I have a cable connecting the PC to the router I can initiate a VPN connection. If I try to initiate a VPN connection when connected to the router via the wireless card, the connection cannot be established. If I disable the firewall the VPN connection will be established. I tried setting up a specific rule that allowed all traffic carried by the VPN and associated ports and moved it to the top of the rule list but it did not help. EIS does not display a prompt asking whether to allow or deny traffic when the connection attempt is made when connected to the router wirelessly. Can anyone tell me why this is happening, please? Thanks!
  9. Hello Yes - that works, thanks. I did not want to do that initially in case other remnants were still on the machine and it prevented their removal. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi, Christian Many thanks for your response to my query. I downloaded the file to my desktop and ran it, but it did not detect anything.
  11. Hello I have just uninstalled EAM and Online Armour (both were fully up to date as of this morning) and yet there is still 135MB of content left in C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware on my Win7 PC. Do you have a removal tool that I can use to get rid of these remnants, please? Thanks!
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