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  1. I started the topic but lost hope and did not monitor the follow-ups. Glad to see that someone else is having the problem. I will eventually go through the debug/reporting process GT500 outlines above, but for right now, I am just too busy. I am going to try TomFace's work around by setting the scan to run on each individual day of the week. I should get into the debug/reporting process sometime next. Have to go this route cause I've been limping along taking time out of my work day to run scans. I need something to work right now and scan the machine automatically at night when it is ot
  2. The problem persists. Do we have even an offer of an explanation as to what might be wrong? Software is, and has been, set exactly as you specify above and still, automatic scans do not run. This is getting a little old. It is the only thing that does not totally impress me about the software. Everything else is dead on... catches everything. Please advise.
  3. My configuraturation is exactly as you have depicted. As I said in my first thread, it is simple and straight forward. There must be something else at work here.
  4. Arthur: Two more days since you last responded and one day short of a week since week started this thread. Not the kind of support I expected. I cant believe the solution is all that complicated. Why are we supposing it has something to do with the software anyway? Why was the problem escalated? I was just thinking I set up something wrong... that the mistake was not necessarilly documented, and that you would just set me straight
  5. Any response from the developers yet?
  6. For both it is simply "run at" with the times entered. Then the "Daily" radio button is toggled. They are the only two entries for "Daily" on each. All other fields go dark. Nothing else can be entered.
  7. I set the software to run an update daily at 4:30 AM. I set up an automatic scan to run daily at 4:45 AM. The update runs as scheduled. The scan does not. Nothing complicated setting up either. The setup pages for both update and scan are just about the same. No big mystery. Straight forward. Been all over it numerous times. Cannot figure out why the scan won't run. What am I missing?
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