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  1. It's ok Emsisoft sent me a working download link by e-mail I performed allready a smart scan, it found 6 objects (no risk) I don't know for sure if the download problem had anything to do with the browser, I use IE11 now, I have Chrome also All my other downloads are working fine usually
  2. I am a bit new with the latest Emsisoft software but they have good reviews for sure, so I wanted to try out for example that free Emsisoft Emergency Kit once for home purposes and perform a full scan of my pc but it didn't work! They always say: 'If download doesn't start immediately' click 'here (link) but that doesn't work either, it keep showing a turning indicator and one get simply sucked into an eternal loop or something like that. Maybe I did not follow exactly the right procedure possibly. Any tips should be welcome.