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  1. Attached the OTL.TXT file sorry for the long time absence
  2. Attached OTL.txt There was no window with ExTRA.txt at the end of the scanning process
  3. as it stands now the log ditrctory is 49Mb the alternative is to acceept connection losses, unisntall/install ant 2 rboots every 4 to 5 days are ther any other moddle of the way approaches ^
  4. Very weird behaviour: - enabled debug mode on december 29; - no problems of access to my network until january 9; - on january 9 removed the debug mode - i had the impression it was slowing my system - within 12 hours lost access to mynetwork I guess will have to live with debuig mode on ...
  5. Have installed version 6,0 about 10 days ago. For unknown reasons,. on two occasions have lost access to my networks servers. The only solution I have found : un-install and re-install Using WIN7 SP1 64bits MS Security Essenrtials Using Standard Mode Have I missed something in rhe configuration ? Thanks
  6. You abandon the querry ? I can understandl; the "beast: is well hidden. I will always remember my forst contact with it about a month ago The .exe was in the programs folder of the configuration panel. After clicking remove i got the nice message: "program removed ; it wil come back after a reboot". a new kind of vicious MALWARE
  7. As the resilut of the previous actions It seems I have 2 versions of MBAM running on my computer: 1 - my registered version good for 345 days 2 - the trial version (1.65,1,1000) you providedwhich isl good for 13 days What shall I do ?
  8. We are back to square 1 I managed to upload the rtwo log files from yestedray did a short scan this morning the 3 files are attached - Funmoods search is back in CHROME Where do we go next ?
  9. Funmoods search is back in CHROME What a pest ...
  10. The log is as -db file which I am You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file I can open in MWB with notepad the 5 text files undividualy, but cannot save them to send them so I can plod them Here are the two files i could send The new version does not recognise the key I had purchased on november 18, 2012
  11. Funmoods Search is back in CHROME
  12. here is the file you requested
  13. BTW manually restored to the saved state before reunning ComboFix "Funmoods search: is still the default in Chrome ... Is it possible to get rid of ths b.... ?
  14. Procedure did not quite follow what is outlined combiofix: No question asked, jumped right in the blue window with the "stages ^_" After automatic reboot, producet the log (attached) however Windoes explorer , Firefod could not be opened (with error messages ) After a new manual reboot the system seems to be back to normal "Funmoods search" is back again as the defauklt opening in chrome . it had disappeared before running combofix.
  15. I amSorry i did not properly understant the french version of the button I hope this is the file you want