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  1. I had looked in C:\Program Files\a-squared Free\Logs the only file was is "a-squared.db3 dated 24oct2009 I thought the one you wanted would be more up to date! I have tried to attach that one now but get an error message " you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" so I presume this is not the right one. The folder C:\Program Files\a-squared HiJackFree\Logs does not exist. A search(this is now working again) for folders or files "logs" does not reveal it elsewhere. another search for *.log revealed plenty of logs but not the ones you want.The most up to date log file I can find is attached, you may have already had this one. After a couple of reboots and AVG starting up and doing its sheduled scan the taskbar is now working again and I can also copy and paste or drag and drop files between folders. Now that I am able to should I carry out your previous instructions re "Java"? I think the cure is all but complete, is there a way of checking? Thank you for all your help.
  2. Great improvement! Bill Gates has got his foot back in the door. Good Bits: Word and Excel are now working, also now able to open and use Internet Explorer. I am able to delete programs in add and delete programs (Control Panel). Safari desktop icon now works. SuperAntiSpyware suddenly came back to life on reboot and AVG appears to be active again. Various programs such as Java are now offering thier latest updates so the automatic updates must have been affected also. Bad Bits: I still cannot copy and paste or drag and drop a file from one directory or drive to another. Open windows when minimised still dissapear and do not appear on the toolbar. They can still be opened from task manager. I ran a-squared and highjack free but regret I cannot locate any fresh logs, where will they be hidden?
  3. combo 3 report attached - cannot find a report from HiJackFree. There is a short cut on my desktop entitled "a-squared HiJackFree" but attempts to open it are met with an error message: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." I am using an account with full administrator access! Attempts to run it from its home folder have the same result.
  4. OTL hangs after about 3 minutes with the error message: "Invalid time flag![wmv9VCM.CAB(Reg Error: Key Error.)] Must be numerical." Tried twice same result!
  5. New a-squared log attached - shows nothing! Latest new problems: various shortcuts are failing to open their programs, in particular "safari". the only way to open that now is to go to program files etc and click on the "exe" file. Its almost as if it knows I'm getting help from that and is trying to prevent it. Or maybe I'm becoming paranoid!
  6. I cannot install Java as suggested, windows installer is still not working, also all other microsoft programs. Error message to that effect. Also I cannot delete java as suggested - same reasons probably - remove programs in control panel just won't work- freezes! a-squared still shows up infections: Generic.Win32.Malware!IK - 1file and Adware.Win32.AdvancedSpyRemover!A2 - 2 files. I have also found that my DVD drive now will not work, No lights showing at all. This may be a coincidental hardware failure, or maybe another symptom. The (windows Xp pro) operating system is probably corrupted, if I am going to have to use my windows cd's to repair or reinstall then I'll need a new drive first unless its the malware that has killed it. Is this a possibility? It seems to have stopped most other drives working as they should.
  7. contact established on infected computer
  8. ~ the entire copy of your own post quoted was removed {Lynx}
  9. 3 reports attached. I can't find a way to get a-squared report on to my use drive so I can transfer it to this computer and send it. On infected computer microsoft's programs still do not work, iexplorer will not open, excel opens with an error message "cannot use object linking and embedding" and then "needs to close", word opens with an error message"this document could not be registered. it will not be possible to create links from other documents to this document" and seems to accept key strokes, a test.doc opened and was saved. Excel error reporting to microsoft seems to work but the "more information" click field fails to connect. Safari seems to work and that proves that the infected computer can now see the web albeit in a limited way. This being so I think a-squared may have attempted to send the report its self whilist I was attempting to save it to the usb drive. After I have posted this I will try to contact you on the other machine
  10. sorry small error: Riskware.NetTool.Win32.Delf!IK 1 file not Riskware.NetTool.Win32.Delf1IK 1 file
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