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  1. have you tried right clicking on the EAM UI application (a2start i think; don't have it installed on this machine) > clicking properties > compatibility tab > high DPI > change to system? the problem with this on a small (sub 22") 4k display is that it makes everything so small it's unusable. not a particularly suitable workaround, i'm sorry to say. overriding the dpi handling for the UI might help, though.
  2. hey, here's the blog post about it: https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/32517/new-in-2018-12-safe-web-browsing-with-emsisoft-browser-security/
  3. considering it was an issue with the mozilla browser addons page that has nothing to do with emsisoft, i think it's completely within the realm of "figuring it out" when resetting the browser to factory remedies the problem preventing him from installing an addon. (i.e. the browser malfunctioned and resetting it fixed it) additionally, firefox sync saves your settings if you allow it to, and it's a zero-knowledge (e2e encrypted) service so there's no reason not to use it unless you hate convenience.
  4. awesome, glad you figured it out!
  5. Oh well - figured maybe something was borked with default browser settings in Windows that may have confused EAM's detection of default browser/active browser What's the URL you're being directed to for installing the Emsisoft browser addon?
  6. Ah, ok. One thing you might try, if you have FF set as your default browser, is to try setting something else (even IE) as default, rebooting, then reverting back to FF post-reboot, and seeing whether EAM detects that you're using it. In Thomas' case, that's addons.firefox.com page not recognizing that he's running FF (which is why I was asking whether he's modifying his user agent or something).
  7. Were they able to reproduce the issue? It worked fine on both of my win10 systems running FF stable (64) Are you using any extensions/addons that change the user agent to spoof another browser?
  8. just in case these weren't known, all of the settings for every product component with a modal dialog (application rules, edit rules, import hosts, add new rule to surf protection, edit extensions for file guard, email notifications, update interval, proxy settings, export settings, set password, connect w enterprise console) are tiny as well.
  9. fwiw, there's discussion about one of the two months that brought the product's average down in this thread:
  10. m0unds

    CLOSED New thing to test

    cool, happy to see this - do you guys have an emsisoft-specific test page we can use to verify functionality? so far haven't seen it block any of the stuff i know EAM blocks (wicar, etc) in firefox on win10 1809.
  11. I have it set to 250% because the windows-recommended 300% makes everything too big.
  12. Hi, I installed EAM on a windows 10 machine with a 4k display, and both the product UI and license login are screwy. The product UI can be resized after logging in, but the login screen is cut off and non-resizable (and any error messages are the wrong DPI so are extremely small). Here's an example: *EDIT* product notifications are also borked: as is the uninstall dialog:
  13. m0unds

    what is this?

    or an extension that leverages the APIs browsers expose for that specific purpose.