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  1. Hey, had another feedback item regarding the console - currently, it indicates "unresolved issues" when a device hasn't updated in $somenumber of days, even if the device hasn't been online during that period of time. i.e. device 1 hasn't updated since June 17th, but also hasn't been online since that date; device 2 hasn't updated since June 30, and hasn't been online since then - the console shows device 1 hasn't updated in 15 days and device 2 in 2 days. It'd be great if it would show unresolved issues for devices that have been seen *and* not updated within the reported period of time, rather than just basing it purely on last update and not online status. That being said, the improvements to the console are pretty great, and my customers have been pretty pleased with it so far. Thanks!
  2. no problem - happy to hear that these enhancements are in the pipe. can't tell you how nice it is having a web panel vs having to deploy the on-premises enterprise console. thanks again.
  3. Hey, So far, I've been pretty happy with the cloud console (as have most of my customers) however, is there any chance of getting an MD5/SHA1/256 hash of a "detected" file in the log on the cloud console and/or email notifications? Additionally, do you guys have any plans of adding something like a daily/weekly digest of detections vs "as they happen" notifications? I don't mind being notified right away, but in a few cases (namely, an FP at this point) I received something like 150 emails in the span of 5 minutes. I submitted the FP, and it was fixed in a pattern update, but you can see how that's not an idea situation 😁 Thanks! Chris
  4. Sort of better - activation window is usable now, post-beta notification window is still screwed up, as is the product window itself. The product window is too small, and either requires resizing or scrolling, and the notifications aren't resizeable and are cut off. Progress is progress, though. Uninstall dialogue is still borked, but I'm not sure whether that was part of the beta.
  5. it looks like overriding the dpi settings for a2guard doesn't persist between reboots for whatever reason. i just reproduced that on my aforementioned customer's machine. the only one that sticks is a2start.
  6. a2start being set to "system" scaling should fix the primary product ui - if your issue is with the product alerts, change a2guard and commservice to "system" scaling as well, and the whole product will be scaled correctly for 4k display by windows. (i just had to do this for a customer of mine. please fix this as it makes folks selling your product, i.e. me, and others, look like an idiot when we have to hack away in order to make it display correctly on modern workstations)
  7. have you tried right clicking on the EAM UI application (a2start i think; don't have it installed on this machine) > clicking properties > compatibility tab > high DPI > change to system? the problem with this on a small (sub 22") 4k display is that it makes everything so small it's unusable. not a particularly suitable workaround, i'm sorry to say. overriding the dpi handling for the UI might help, though.
  8. hey, here's the blog post about it: https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/32517/new-in-2018-12-safe-web-browsing-with-emsisoft-browser-security/
  9. considering it was an issue with the mozilla browser addons page that has nothing to do with emsisoft, i think it's completely within the realm of "figuring it out" when resetting the browser to factory remedies the problem preventing him from installing an addon. (i.e. the browser malfunctioned and resetting it fixed it) additionally, firefox sync saves your settings if you allow it to, and it's a zero-knowledge (e2e encrypted) service so there's no reason not to use it unless you hate convenience.
  10. Oh well - figured maybe something was borked with default browser settings in Windows that may have confused EAM's detection of default browser/active browser What's the URL you're being directed to for installing the Emsisoft browser addon?
  11. Ah, ok. One thing you might try, if you have FF set as your default browser, is to try setting something else (even IE) as default, rebooting, then reverting back to FF post-reboot, and seeing whether EAM detects that you're using it. In Thomas' case, that's addons.firefox.com page not recognizing that he's running FF (which is why I was asking whether he's modifying his user agent or something).
  12. Were they able to reproduce the issue? It worked fine on both of my win10 systems running FF stable (64) Are you using any extensions/addons that change the user agent to spoof another browser?
  13. just in case these weren't known, all of the settings for every product component with a modal dialog (application rules, edit rules, import hosts, add new rule to surf protection, edit extensions for file guard, email notifications, update interval, proxy settings, export settings, set password, connect w enterprise console) are tiny as well.
  14. cool, happy to see this - do you guys have an emsisoft-specific test page we can use to verify functionality? so far haven't seen it block any of the stuff i know EAM blocks (wicar, etc) in firefox on win10 1809.
  15. I have it set to 250% because the windows-recommended 300% makes everything too big.
  16. Hi, I installed EAM on a windows 10 machine with a 4k display, and both the product UI and license login are screwy. The product UI can be resized after logging in, but the login screen is cut off and non-resizable (and any error messages are the wrong DPI so are extremely small). Here's an example: *EDIT* product notifications are also borked: as is the uninstall dialog:
  17. or an extension that leverages the APIs browsers expose for that specific purpose.
  18. tbh, i think this is more a pitfall of convicting an entire domain/subdomain vs specific path than anything else. i've run into enough weird FPs in shared envs (multiple platforms, AWS/S3/cloudfront, backblaze b2, numerous other providers) that i don't even bother submitting them anymore.
  19. seeing as they track & merge the majority of Mozilla's security code changes in Firefox, I wouldn't count on them continuing to allow code injection if Firefox ends up blocking it in the next few mos.
  20. that's what google would prefer, yes. browser mfgs would prefer third parties stop injecting code into their processes - you already can't do it with edge because of appcontainer isolation, and google and others are tired of being blamed for every browser crash that could be caused by third party code they have no control over. additionally, there are instances where code injection can unintentionally compromise browser security. re: hosts stuff, i would avoid writing large lists to your hosts file as it will significantly slow DNS queries as system has to examine it first. @Ken1943 - as i mentioned, other browsers using chromium (open source project) are merging in the same changes being made to chrome, as is mozilla with firefox (q4 2018 / q1 2019) so this is not purely a "google wants to know everything" concern.
  21. that's fun. firefox doesn't block code injection yet, but it's on their roadmap for q4 2018/q1 2019. i'd also expect opera to start doing it if they merge upstream changes from chromium. *EDIT* Opera is tracking Chromium 69 for Opera 56, and Vivaldi is tracking Chromium 69 for Vivaldi 2.x.