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  1. There's a handy app I've used for years called "whocrashed" which can be helpful in determining what driver/service/whatever caused a crash. It only works if you still have the minidumps or full memory dumps called when the system crashed. hxxp://www.resplendence.com/whocrashed (there's a free version on their download page here: hxxp://www.resplendence.com/downloads)
  2. 3 days left! Restoration of the B-29 Superfortress at the National Museum of Nuclear Science on @Kickstarter http://t.co/vy0b90FfVT

  3. RT @ggreenwald: Those on the left who love hate speech laws should think about who it's likely to be used against http://t.co/IzP04j1ihl

  4. ARMA3 free weekends are a great way to introduce new players to the game. The downside is...new players on every server.

  5. RT @MikeTyson: We waited 5 years for that... #underwhelmed #MayPac

  6. Spice heavy, super smooth. - Drinking a Chai Spiced Imperial Russian Stout (2015) by @StoneBrewingCo - http://t.co/A5SNm3q66U

  7. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: DeVotchKa (4), Arms and Sleepers (4) & Cave In (2) http://t.co/q5NIKOzC6Y

  8. @Fabian thanks for the info. I can confirm IPv6 on my system is working fine at boot, and I really hope it keeps working as I'd actually like to use the time on my license. I had upgraded my internet security pack license to EIS because I hadn't used OA or EAM in nearly a year due to performance issues and OA driving me nuts (not properly trusting signed MSFT processes, horrible CPU utilization with certain apps causing the firewall to stop passing traffic completely, etc.) and then ran into performance issues with the initial release of EIS, only to try it again and find out IPv6 support isn't working right, then the fix for that causes BSoDs. I appreciate how quickly that was resolved, but I'm surprised it wasn't caught in testing.
  9. Does this new update revert whatever change you guys made to the firewall module that might address IPv6 support, or should I go ahead and test it to see if it resolves the initial issue I reported?
  10. Here you go: https://app.box.com/s/vg94kcqbl878es6mnjxv
  11. I performed a clean install of the new build. Immediately received a BSOD implicating the emsisoft NDIS driver. Rebooted and BSODed again at the login screen. Repeated until I removed EIS in safe mode. I'll upload the minidumps if you'd like. The BSODs are unique to the new build.
  12. Hi, Is there some trick to getting IPv6 working reliably with EIS installed? At each and every reboot, I lose IPv6 connectivity until I bounce my network adapter (disable/enable) or disable/enable the firewall within EIS itself, and it's driving me nuts. I've attempted to add rules permitting ICMPv6 messages and RA traffic, and I'm still not having any luck. The machine is behind a router that is announcing a /64 prefix pared off of a /56 assiged by my ISP. Disabling IPv6 protocol support is not an option for me, as I need it for work. Thanks, Chris Product version is on Windows 8.1 Pro x64
  13. Good stuff - Drinking a Double Pilsner by @OdellBrewing - http://t.co/eWcIGQ2KHn

  14. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Arms and Sleepers (12), Minus the Bear (10) & Tycho (4) http://t.co/q5NIKO0XWU

  15. Nice hop profile. - Drinking a Hop Kitchen #6: FOCOllaboration by @newbelgium - http://t.co/fnMceaPnCb

  16. Ah, now I remember why I stopped playing #titanfall - can't make it through one stupid match without one team ragequitting and stopping play

  17. RT @ggreenwald: Unfortunately, this is quite false https://t.co/Ek2zfzRXzM

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