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  1. RT @RonnieBquotes: Pep: a gentleman enjoys a cocktailRon: really? A gentleman with a drinking problem like you should enjoy a meeting or t…

  2. Drinking a Red Ale by @MarbleBrewery @ Marble Brewery Tap Room Westside — http://t.co/rP8WtVorP7

  3. Drinking an Iron Horse Extra IPA by @MarbleBrewery @ Marble Brewery Tap Room Westside — http://t.co/28vg3uXwqZ

  4. RT @AlbertBrooks: Zillow buys Trulia for 3.5 billion. Even though the Zestimate was only 1.8 billion..

  5. not real sure why #handgunlaw doesnt just perform a 302 redirect instead of adding anti-leech stuff w/a disclaimer to visit www.*. silly.

  6. seriously annoying how regularly #xboxmusic crashes, hangs up, fails to download, etc. on #wp81. spotify provides a better exp. that's sad.

  7. RT @Dodge: We’re all about making history. Here’s the next chapter. http://t.co/8GoDVGUqEO

  8. RT @ColinPeters: This is a screenshot from the sequel to Goat Simulator https://t.co/dCmJsVYK7z

  9. Speaking of #playrust net.connect http://t.co/2Rt1AeJA9i. LAX area server. Auto location via rustnuts and active admins. Check it out.

  10. I fueled-up my Dodge Dakota, 17.1 MPG.http://t.co/WhtgtLvJsP#Dodge #Dakota

  11. RT @annielederman: All sidewalks should have a special lane for text-walkers that eventually leads them straight into traffic.

  12. RT @ABQPOLICE: Eastbound Paseo del Norte at 2nd street is backed up due to a traffic accident with injuries. APD on scene

  13. Pls RT: It's not just the NSA. #ECPA lets IRS, FBI, DEA snoop your email w/o warrant. Fight back: http://t.co/F2VsNsX3jA via @demandprogress

  14. RT @iPolicy: Dan Rayburn’s blog on Netflix/Comcast is the best I’ve read: http://t.co/rPFoNzyqAg It helps to know what you’re talking about…

  15. Not bad. Still not a huge fan of flavored beers. Makes me... (Samuel Adams Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout) http://t.co/i3wmWVwcCp

  16. Chai latte scented hand sanitizer...delicious.

  17. RT @AsteroidMisses: asteroid (2000 EM26) missed earth by 8.8 lunar distances: diameter ~195 m, velocity 12.37 km/s, energy ~213 mega... htt…

  18. RT @NWSAlbuquerque: Who needs lotion? 1245 pm relative humidity in #ABQ is only 9%! #nmwx

  19. RT @greggutfeld: David Bowie can sound like a rough toff, and then, in a minute sound like an old lady in line at the drugstore.

  20. Drinking a Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout by @OdellBrewing - http://t.co/PVgKnPH2h0

  21. RT @rickygervais: Danish zoo to put down X-Factor hopeful. "There are too many and they are surplus to requirement. Breeding them would dam…

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