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  1. Today, I took a stand against mass surveillance by the NSA. Will you join me? https://t.co/hQ0C4dMjfr #stopthensa

  2. Hey, Just curious whether you've heard anything about a fix for this. Thanks!
  3. Not unsurprising that my #playrust server has been down for 2 hrs, with no proactive notification. Great communication, @hfbservers

  4. I just earned the 'Heavy Weight (Level 4)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/DEwbVq6h0L

  5. RT @filmmusicrep: Nonesuch Records to release soundtrack album for Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah' featuring music by Clint Mansell. http://t.co/…

  6. RT @VICE: When they're not enforcing state-sanctioned homophobia, Russian police are making epic viral content: http://t.co/ZhiA0Aq1vm

  7. anybody know any youtube tutorials i could send to my hillbilly neighbors to teach them how to park their cars in the driveway or garage?

  8. RT @greggutfeld: Upside of super bowl: all shirtless members of RHCP got pneumonia.

  9. RT @JimNorton: Every time a flag is thrown I'm expecting it to be a white one from the Broncos sideline.

  10. RT @krqe: Does APD have a suspect in the West Mesa Murders? http://t.co/sIvjxBfI1V

  11. RT @Oatmeal: #RIPColonelMeow May you dominate the heavens as you once dominated earth. http://t.co/X8Np5fXMwt

  12. Received my #hubardo preorder today. artwork, book and vinyl are fantastic. Can't wait to hear it again. @tobydriver

  13. Okay, tested it this morning - excluded the folder w/steamservice and launched rust, but still ran into high cpu utilization and connection blocking w/oasrv.exe and had to shut it down.
  14. Hey, I'm not at my machine right now, but I'll reinstall OA and give that a shot. Thanks, Chris
  15. The more Lagunitas brews I try, the more I love this brewery. - Drinking a New Dogtown Pale Ale by @lagunitasbruhws - http://t.co/4uMNvymqCZ

  16. Yeah, that's correct - Rust uses Unity3d, but it uses Steamworks for matchmaking - I didn't have OA installed when I played through SR3/SR4, so I'm not sure
  17. One more update - I accidentally left OA in learning mode when I launched that specific title, and since, I'm unable to launch the game with OA running or oasrv goes nuts. It was fine up until I forgot to turn off learning mode. Probably gonna remove it until this gets resolved, it's a bit of a hassle to have to shut it down any time I launch a steamworks game of any kind. Hope it gets resolved soon.
  18. RT @briankrebs: Gang rigged gas pumps throughout southern US with Bluetooth skimmers, stole $2.1M, authorities say http://t.co/lzgBghQzco

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