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  1. twitter on #wp8 sucks. mehdoh is slow and takes hours to poll notifications & tweet it! regularly throws stupid doge meme error msgs.

  2. Hi again, Just a quick update - I found that if I disabled "subfolders" in my steam folder exclusion and allow OA to create a rule for Rust (this specific game title) that CPU utilization of oasrv isn't as terrible. The filtering of connections in/out from the server browser is certainly slower than it is if I shut down OA, but it's not hitting the service so hard that it disconnects other applications. Thanks, Chris
  3. RT @DARPA: This DARPA-funded MAV from 2003 might look familiar to fans of the @Battlefield videogames http://t.co/sg9iu5P37V

  4. RT @darrenPwhite: Thank god Nissan warned us not to drive their new Rouge on top of a moving train. #NFLPlayoffs

  5. I sure hope that winter makes an appearance soon. Not a fan of mid-60s in January...

  6. RT @SciencePorn: Awesome shot. Image by Dan Winters http://t.co/hKMCKoQIkA

  7. RT @AnthonyCumia: RT @BESTOFVlNE The Beyonce fan with the voice of an angel https://t.co/MvTzcboJpX-Haha, 50 times in a row. It just gets…

  8. Drinking a Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA by @SamuelAdamsBeer - http://t.co/Gteg3rZog2

  9. Hey, I figured I'd submit my own thread about the issue w/OA and Steamworks (Steam SDK) titles. I finally ran into this particular issue myself. In my case, it seems to be caused by the Steam server browser initiating a ton of connections to ping and status check servers to display them in the UI. I noticed the issue because I was connected to a Teamspeak server, and when the server browser loaded in Rust, OA's CPU utilization hit ~25%, latency skyrocketed, then it dropped my TS connection and wouldn't connect til I killed Rust. This isn't a case of saturating my connection, as it was using less than 300kbit/sec worth of bandwidth to perform the server list update. I engaged debug mode so I could reproduce it for you guys. https://app.box.com/s/w0ey9ycimjcfy2lqtpkk (logs.7z is the output from debug - the oasrv log was split into 2 files, one 4MB and the other 7MB.) If you need any other info from me, let me know. *EDIT* Forgot to mention, I exclude my Steam folder in OA. Thanks, Chris
  10. I just earned the 'Das Boot' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/d9G7UXaTR4

  11. Oil changed, truck washed, beer acquired. My day is complete.

  12. I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 2)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/bTUgBgkQK5

  13. Wow, another well-aged beer from the cellar. Smells fantastic. — Drinking an 30th Anniversary - Jack And Ken's Ale — http://t.co/RMM6zDhmpz

  14. Yeah, sorry - forgot to include that. Windows 8 x64.
  15. Hi, I ran a custom scan with tracking cookie detection enabled to test efficacy of some anti-tracking stuff I've been using. When EAM detected a handful of cookies, I asked it to remove them not realizing that Chrome was still open. When it failed to remove the cookies, the "Anti-malware alert" window that opened to inform me about it didn't properly scale to accommodate the text below the scrolling window, cutting off the text: Product version is To replicate, custom scan, opt to detect tracking cookies but leave your browser open. When it detects cookies, ask EAM to delete them. It will fail, and show that window ^ with the text cut off. Thanks! Chris
  16. Hey, I encountered an issue with OAmine.exe. When I was having OA learn my bank's site, it started throwing an error saying "Could not obtain OLE control window handle" when closing a dialog generated by the bank's site at login (it's a popup window that displays promotional stuff or communications w/the bank). I was unable to dismiss the error, as it continually popped up, and my only recourse was to terminate the OA browser. I enabled debugging, reproduced the bug and zipped up the product logs. They're available here: https://app.box.com/s/a9tdx95hp2ktjsn5z6p1 - Please let me know if you need any additional logs. OS: Windows 8 x64 OA Product version:, EAM Version: Thanks, Chris
  17. This has a nice aroma, sweet up front and sorta fruity ... (Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA) http://t.co/aZM8ERjqjt

  18. Careful, #abq - awful nm drivers are out in droves.

  19. RT @CornellReid: anyone who posts anything on the internet is a fucking idiot

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