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  1. RT @AaronHarris23: The ISIS "Celestial" remaster and redesign is (finally) available on CD, Vinyl, and digital: http://t.co/nXmxXgcccN

  2. RT @BadPaintings: Buy Stranger By Starlight (@eugeneSrobinson @OXBOWtheBAND) Chalk White Nights from iTunes https://t.co/GHKEgM0ckY

  3. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Caspian (9), Arms and Sleepers (9) & Oxbow (6) http://t.co/q5NIKNIOIM

  4. Silliness abounds. RT @VICE: The Fast Food Strike Could Mean the End of Everythinghttp://t.co/08sZiCVyGc

  5. RT @robdelaney: That awkward moment where you begin a tweet with “That awkward moment” & a benevolent God erases you from earth’s face with…

  6. RT @joerogan: I got confirmation today that we're close to making a deal to sell high quality leather fanny packs at http://t.co/kIu2N7K5Pl…

  7. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Jakob (15), The Drift (9) & Bonobo (5) http://t.co/q5NIKNIOIM

  8. RT @j_smedley: the PS2 team will be shifting their priorities to focusing purely on optimization. It's unacceptable as it stands.

  9. Coconut is really subtle. Shows up after the brew warms slightly (55F or so) — Drinking a R&R Coconut IPA — http://t.co/mXyiTxIQQl

  10. I'm only able to tolerate dubstep within the context of #saintsrow

  11. hey, http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/KF-Banking.shtml this explains how to add sites to the domains list to have OA learn associated domains so that banking mode will function correctly.
  12. I just earned the 'Heavy Weight' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/nIEP2l8yrm

  13. My Top 1 #lastfm Artists: Lights Out Asia (11) http://t.co/J5245duah1

  14. RT @robdelaney: So apparently diaper goats are contagious because now my younger daughter has them too: http://t.co/lCkQDNGUfO

  15. it might be that plugin container is trying to direct keyboard input to a plugin running within the container (since that's how FF isolates plugins from the system) - do the sites that trigger the alert have anything in common? (flash-heavy text input, etc)
  16. hey, any progress with this? thanks!
  17. oh good, glad he was able to reproduce it. thanks for the update!
  18. hi, oddly enough, this has started to become an issue again. i had to remove OA to diagnose a stability issue i was encountering with windows, and when i reinstalled using the "beta" installer i was given in december, OA is failing to properly trust MS executables and dlls. this is causing some headaches, since common windows applications like taskmgr or msconfig are invoking OA prompts. system configuration is the same as before, except with EAM i tried allowing OA to update, as this was advised against back in december, but it's still not properly trusting MS exes/dlls. i also tried downloading the installer from the site, and it exhibited the same issue, even after updating. any suggestions? thanks, chris
  19. hey andrew, is it safe for me to update OA now, or should I continue leaving updates set to manual?
  20. Okay - followed the instructions to uninstall, reboot twice, install w/debug mode enabled, allowed the machine to boot, then ran a handful of ms apps including cmd.exe, nslookup, calculator, resource monitor. I also included a screenshot of OA's programs dialog so you can see the list of MS apps that are showing "unknown" trust level, and the ones that show allowed were the ones that OA asked me about via prompts. I'll be emailing it here in a moment. *EDIT* Alrighty - sent. Also, that update to EAM does seem to have helped the excessive cloud lookup issue. I was getting it on nslookup and ping pretty consistently, but now I'm not. Thanks again, Chris
  21. right on, thanks for the info. will do. i'm not going to be able to do this for a couple days, as i don't presently have access to the machine in question. i'll post again when i've completed the step(s). thanks again
  22. sure thing - which behavior would you like screenshots of? negative - should I? it's a pending optional update for me. i'll apply it if you think it'd help.
  23. Hi, After I upgraded to Windows 8, I reinstalled both EAM and OA (current versions) and I've been running into a ton of signed MS executables not being trusted by OA by default, and in some cases, EAM has been having to do cloud db checks for things like..internet explorer, or MS background transfer service, etc. EAM has also been giving me behavioral prompts when I launch other applications built into Windows. I didn't experience anything like this with Windows 7, and it's starting to grate on me quite a bit. I've since removed and reinstalled both EAM and OA again just to ensure I didn't have something borked with my install. I had been running both with Webroot Secure Anywhere installed as well, and I removed that to rule out the possibility of a conflict (despite having excluded all necessary processes and drivers in EAM and directories in OA, as well as trusting WR drivers and exes) but it persisted. What I wanted to find out is whether this is just a side effect of the lack of "reputation" for some of these files, which might resolve after Windows 8's install base is bigger? It's frustrating to not be able to spend a day without learning mode enabled on OA (even when I'm not installing/removing software) because of all the incessant prompting and having to manually trust or allow signed system files. Thanks, Chris updating to include specific version #s: OA: updated today - EAM:
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