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  1. Hey Thanks again for your help so far i have attached a fresh OTL log!
  2. Hey no worries! Just wanted to make sure that i was following your directions. I ran the new otl fix and the log is attached. thanks again!
  3. Did u attach a new otlfix? I didn't see anything attached in your last message. I already ran the last one the you attached from dec 17
  4. Hey sorry for the delayed response i dont know if the forums were down for a couple days or not but i was unable to reach the site. I followed your instructions and copied the text into OTL and ran the run fix. It ran the program and the screen turned blue and said something like disk error or something then the computer restarted. I looked for a log file in the OTL folder and on the desktop and couldnt find a log that was produced after this action.
  5. Hey i had started a topic before but it was closed because i was gone for the weekend and did not reply. Anyway I did not get very far in the thread. I am attaching the pre work logs and also the combofix which i was told to run but thats as far as i got. My problem is that google was redirecting my browser and the computer was running slow Through some virius scans i think i was able to fix the google redirect but for some reason i think its still there. Also every time i scan its saying that my system has trojans or file recovery malware. Any help would be apperciated!
  6. Hey Thank you for taking the time to respond i have done the requred prework and attached. When i ran the OTL it only produced the OTL.txt report i could not find the extras.txt file or one wasnt produced. Also i did not see it in the quarntine file but i did notice that the emisoft programed pop up came up and said that it quratined a file named c:/windows/msisear.exe.
  7. hey guys ive been having trouble with my browser redirecting me to other sites did a scan and it removed some trojans. one it said it couldnt remove was c:windows. msisear.exe. can someone please help>
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