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  1. i tried and works perfect i did something before i restart the Dedicated and just works like charm
  2. well i see my lan here should i allow and trusted or just allow i do not need to get my lan attacked or flooded so should i click on both or just allowed is fine
  3. your connection area should be called Local Area Connection Status !! probbly urs called LocalArea Connection 2 Status or 3 that why i can not find urs
  4. can i use windows firewall and Armor firewall in same time and btw when i allow port in Rules (Ports) it does not open
  5. i see 2 ways to open port Restricted Ports and other way Rules then Ports and add Port which one btw i only see Restricted Ports in Advanced Mood but in Standard nope hope anyone can replay me soon and which one is better for Dedicated server i guess Standard please tell currect me if am wrong
  6. Hello Guys i was trying to install Emosift online armor firewall to my test dedicated server Info Windows Server 2008 64bit 8 GB RAM 100mb Speed .................................................. now i installed the program and it worked fine and i was just trying to allow my Ports and Deny some ports but i didnt touch any port of the remote connection and awihle am working my laptop get out of bettry and i reconnected then i was trying to reconnect to the Dedicated again it couldnt let me plus the website of my dedicated is online but i can not login !! to the remote desktop its responding like its alive but it not comeplete the steps its stuck at Configuring Remote Session so i wanna know how to install online armor firewall !! without having any Trouble !! with my remote desktop connection bcoz its the only way for me to acces my dedicated Server !! and also could u tell me some hits or tut for it and also i need to know how to allow any ports my pc want it to open thank you