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  1. Ok sir reinstalling it now and will reply after some time as its evening now in India. So it could take like 1 day i.e I could reply tomorrow afternoon as my elder brother also have some work on the PC. Lets see not sure of today.
  2. Ok will reinstall both of them and should I try to insert to licenses first or restart my PC and then enter them. Please give steps for correct installation so that no error occurs and when to insert license after restart or after install. And thanks for the License keys Thomas Ott sir and what does "renew them with rebate" means. I thought not to google this and ask for ur expert guidance
  3. Yes no other Security software installed now even uninstalled Malwarebytes. And no sir I didn't press this combination of keys "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "N" and had this problem after restart of my PC so I did nothing but connect to my dial-up connection and it connected but brwoser cannot open any web pages
  4. And yes I was able to post this only after Uninstalling both Emsisoft products so there's definitely some problem in Online armor as after starting its real-time protection after restart, this happened. After restart I allowed 2 mins of learning mode of Online Armor to process and then only connected to net after the process finished and the pop-up was displayed. And as soon as I launched Mozilla Firefox after connecting to net Online Armor there also did show a pop-up that it got allowed automatically and I did checked it in the Firewall configuration too + added my network as trusted connection both my main network and my own Internet network which I use i.e Atheros and worldnet connection names. And also checked if "Block all the traffic during system boot" option was not checked and it wasn't. So I've tried my best to try to find some common faults but still the problem exists.
  5. Now 1 more problem occurs i.e I cannot access my net and browse pages after restart my PC. It was working fine after install of Emsisoft AM then I saw the notification that I will have to restart my PC to start real-time protection of Online-Armor so I did that but after restart connected through my dial-up internet (veryfing username and password type of) and it connected but was showing yellow exclamation mark in the taskbar bottom and I opened my browser Mozilla and also tried IE 10 but page cannot be displayed and cannot connect to other websites to as I tried to connect to other sites like facebook or yahoo by entering url in addressbar. This is my motherboard : http://uk.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3/M4A78LTM_LE/#download From here I downloaded Atheros LAN Driver V2.1.0.4 for Windows Win8 32bit & Win8 64bit---(WHQL). in LAN section and by selecting the Operating System Windows 8 (64-bit). I've used other security products and it worked fine for them so please test my network driver and see all my specifications from the motherboard link and try to resolve this problem. So now I've 2 issues i.e can connect to internet (dial-up) but cannot access or browse the net as no pages are displayed and second is of the key not getting validate and showing not valid. Hope to see quick updates from Emsisoft. If any more details required, do list them. Thanks
  6. Thomas Ott sir thanks for the reply. I've Pm the key to u. Eagerly waiting for the problem to be fixed and I trust Emsisoft so would love to use it with the keys for full version. Thanks
  7. Yup sir waiting for it. Thanks. Also I've enabled beta updates after installing and during config setup so that shouldn't be the problem behind this right. I'm still concerned as if it can cause such problems
  8. Hello Emsisoft Forums. Yesterday night I installed Emsisoft Internet Security pack downloaded from this very website and installed it but I cannot get my License key to work for both Anti-Malware and Online Armor so I've activated its trial. For Anti-Malware its showing the message "There are no licenses associated with this key. Please enter another License key" and for Online Armor the error says "No valid License found on this key. Please obtain a new key". So both are keys problem. I've not used this key on any other computer and won it in a giveaway from http://malwaretips.com/Thread-Emsisoft-Internet-Security-KEY Please retrieve my Key for both Anti-Malware and Online-Armor. And do mention if I can post my key here or where inorder to retrieve it. Thanks And my Operating System is Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center. No other security products installed. Windows Firewall, Defender both disabled