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  1. Thank you very much for responding! I echo what you said and problem solved .... I could unlock the "Input" or "program" inetcpl.cpl ... and now let me clear the IE browser history well and I back out that warning anymore.
  2. Hello, when I open Internet Explorer 'and before closing' I clean all the browser navigation history when at the time of cleaning ... I get this warning that says Online Armor C: \ Windows \ system32 \ inetcpl.cpl is blocked and I will not let me clean the browser history ... . so I'm interested to know how to unlock this "entry" that warns me online armor and how it works, someone explain it to me like unlocking this "program" or "input" C: \ Windows \ system32 \ inetcpl.cpl is blocked? and thus be able to clean the browsing history of IE normally .... regards
  3. Hello, is fully compatible with Online Armor Free firewall protection leading resident Spybot Search and Destroy I saw that Spybot Search and Destroy has Full Internet Protection Online Armor Free and also has an option that is marked and web protection is not whether they will interfere between the two? Thanks!
  4. Hello, good afternoon to everyone s, I have the Emsisoft Online Armor Free firewall on my computer and I have absolutely no idea how it all works like when you miss a warning Cunado these internet browsing not to play if I have to allow that block ... and everything in general explain me how it works ... oh and Spanish can be put on the alerts that come out when you want to run a program on your computer, as most reports in English ... and another thing, Online Armor is fully compatible with my antivirus: Avast Free Antivirus? regards
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