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  1. hi,i am a user of windows 10 and would like to have emsisoft antimalware adopt another engine like bitdefender to its offering like the way 360 total security does(it has a cloud engine,avira engine and bitdefender),i am aware that you have a cloud engine too,but i really would love if you offer a 2nd database-based-protection also,thank you.
  2. sorry i dint know that alert also blocked files,and asked what to do
  3. hai ,in the file Guard alerts can you guys add the option to block and notify ,the three options now allow you to 1)alert or , 2)Block+quarntee+no altert(i.e silent) or , 3)Block+quarntee+altert i would like a 4th option to block+alert(no guarntee),because i would like to decide what to do with the files manually than open up the software>>go to the Guarntee >>restore it from there,it saves Time,if it just blocks it and alerts me,this will also help especially if the file detected is false positive.
  4. to draw a comprassion between emsisoft anti-malware and comodo internet secuirty Eventhough emsisoft antimalware only provides ant-malware without firewall,the whole suit of comodo(firewall+antimalware) comodo still seems to be lighter.....that makes no sense
  5. When it comes to memory usage emsisoft antimalware its like firefox 1)during startup,it gets up to 200mb in ram,before settling at 70mb,it decreses pc responsiveness during startup. i use win8 with 1.5gb ram,and 200 mb ram usage is not accepatable You have a great software,but perfomance issues make it not practical for me to use on my system,i am not going to use till you guys come up with something thats usable It says in your front page= Does not slow down the PC The advanced smart caching feature makes scanning faster, day by day. ---your detection rate are amazing,behaviour blocker is the best in the industry. The culprit seems to be the a2malware service,i think thats what slowing down my p.c ,the software feels like it was designed for xp,please improve the gui for win 8,make it touch friendly and please make it light so that it wont have much impact on p.c's with low amount of ram please optimize privatebytes memory usage of 463 mb to less than 80 mb (like comodo internet security 2013)