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  1. I am uninstall IObit malware fighter,i download him and crack,after crack i have just one day IObit PRO,and then not PRO,EAM is enough,i believe,thanks for help
  2. I have EAM and IObit Malware Fighter fully activated,is that good or bad for my PC,because both capture malwares,if is not good i will uninstall IObit Malware-Fighter,thanks
  3. Thanks for lates update,update size of 54MB,and new version of EAM, im proud because i have this software
  4. if JAVA damage my system my frend will install again windows7 professional on my PC for only 5€.I can again install EAM and again whatch movies free online and play 3D games free online. PEACE
  5. Ohh -.- .and what do i do,if i install Kaspersky my computer is slow because EAM and Kapsersky for my computer big load.If i uninstall JAVA i cant play one game,i cant whatch movies online,i can just go to facebook and youtube,facebook i dont want, I WANT secure JAVA -.- :/
  6. thanks all,i need JAVA for one game,and whatching movies online,exploits cant damage my system i believe.PEACE
  7. I have Java installed on PC.Whether it contains exploits,if yes,how to remove them?? Thanks for help
  8. Can a computer worm move on my computer when chatting with someone on an online game?
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