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  1. Ok kevin you do the best. Very good, no frozen in online armor GUI . the last frozen in network GUI before 3 days and no issue return. the fix and clean tool make my PC better. And i save the OA logs after last frozen. if you want to look into OA logs i will attach the file. thanks.
  2. OTL create one report see it in attached. Why OTL create one report ? in the instruction to use OTL in this form, the program generate 2 reports and i apply steps same as the instruction say. do you want me to change any setting in OTL ? my windows is 7 -64bit.
  3. I do that fix and the report in attached.
  4. will i test the http://spotflux.com/ it's very good and give you anonymous surf in internet and stop all following cookies from all site so stop pass to bad site . it's the best and free. spotflux get high level in global security test in 2013.
  5. I test suspicious file (ccleaner crack) with track change in system . and i submit the file to EMSIsoft with note contain the change in jump list in IE10 . you can check that with submit email company . [ i test the bad programs in Windows Virtual PC or i track it in the system, and submit the information . i don't tell you i am a professional but i am very carefully to do that] i save the file in desktop and i can't read OTL log to know if any value in registry i should to remove ( i remove all track install after test). can you point that to me? so i use wise care 365 portab
  6. The OTL generated just one report. see the attached. Regards,
  7. Hi GT500 I add this replay because i have the same problem and i hope that will be helpful to the post owner and to you to solved this. Before week ago i see same evidence make me doubt i am hacked . I issued that to ( Help, my PC is infected! form). you can see that in this link: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/11494-is-this-direct-hacked/?p=77051 I get help to clean my PC and the frozen in firewall GUI and firewall setting tap solved. But Now i have the same frozen and the Online Armor sensitive to change network when i use CyberGhost VPN that make me restart the computer
  8. In attached you can see: The delete file with name: AdwCleaner[s1]old.txt And new search file ( if you need): AdwCleaner[R2] New.txt The cleaner generate two report one when i click search and the second when i click delete. the search report came to you ( sorry about that confusion the both report in same name).
  9. sorry for my late in reply. you can see the attached . so i make a strong clean to my windows machine before i read your reply. i hope these report to be helpful. Regard's
  10. Thanks for quick respond and the instruction step to use ComboFix. you can see the report in attached. will, i can't read more lines from this report and i wait you to give me the answer if i am infected or hacked from professional hacker, before 6 months i had bad attack and lose 3 GB from my file and i fail to restore it but now no lose in personal data yet. and if you have any advice, article, E-book ..... about determent direct attack , I will be grateful to you.
  11. Hi all, i use onlineArmor Free, the fierwall status and setting windows be broken and damage so i try to fix it by install a new and fresh copy (OnlineArmor). after 12 Hour age of the new installation the same problem (froze and no info to display in fierwall status window)this problem continue for 4 Minutes. that make me awesome from direct hack. so i find in PROGRAMS tab (OnlineArmor GUI) this record: (explorer.exe,, ( C:\Windows\System32\explorer.exe Hash(MD5): 219E677B3CC4BDE37251CD3F6FA2702A) the Armor Trust explorer.exe and give me notification this EXE want to con
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