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  1. Ok kevin you do the best. Very good, no frozen in online armor GUI . the last frozen in network GUI before 3 days and no issue return. the fix and clean tool make my PC better. And i save the OA logs after last frozen. if you want to look into OA logs i will attach the file. thanks.
  2. OTL create one report see it in attached. Why OTL create one report ? in the instruction to use OTL in this form, the program generate 2 reports and i apply steps same as the instruction say. do you want me to change any setting in OTL ? my windows is 7 -64bit.
  3. I do that fix and the report in attached.
  4. will i test the http://spotflux.com/ it's very good and give you anonymous surf in internet and stop all following cookies from all site so stop pass to bad site . it's the best and free. spotflux get high level in global security test in 2013.
  5. I test suspicious file (ccleaner crack) with track change in system . and i submit the file to EMSIsoft with note contain the change in jump list in IE10 . you can check that with submit email company . [ i test the bad programs in Windows Virtual PC or i track it in the system, and submit the information . i don't tell you i am a professional but i am very carefully to do that] i save the file in desktop and i can't read OTL log to know if any value in registry i should to remove ( i remove all track install after test). can you point that to me? so i use wise care 365 portable 1 year license and Kcleaner free tools . if i try to use ccleaner, then the free version with CCEnhancer list more powerful than the license version. thanks for your patient to help me and i appreciate that. if complete the help with me legal under form condition i appreciate that or mark this post is a Finnish. Regards,
  6. The OTL generated just one report. see the attached. Regards,
  7. Hi GT500 I add this replay because i have the same problem and i hope that will be helpful to the post owner and to you to solved this. Before week ago i see same evidence make me doubt i am hacked . I issued that to ( Help, my PC is infected! form). you can see that in this link: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/11494-is-this-direct-hacked/?p=77051 I get help to clean my PC and the frozen in firewall GUI and firewall setting tap solved. But Now i have the same frozen and the Online Armor sensitive to change network when i use CyberGhost VPN that make me restart the computer two or three time to fix it. Note: I use Online Armor and VPN programs with out any issue from along time. I scan and clean my PC again, No infected file. All my programs original. I will send LOG folder compressed in private massage sign with Flurry me who add the replay not the LOG file from the post owner. Regards,
  8. In attached you can see: The delete file with name: AdwCleaner[s1]old.txt And new search file ( if you need): AdwCleaner[R2] New.txt The cleaner generate two report one when i click search and the second when i click delete. the search report came to you ( sorry about that confusion the both report in same name).
  9. sorry for my late in reply. you can see the attached . so i make a strong clean to my windows machine before i read your reply. i hope these report to be helpful. Regard's
  10. Thanks for quick respond and the instruction step to use ComboFix. you can see the report in attached. will, i can't read more lines from this report and i wait you to give me the answer if i am infected or hacked from professional hacker, before 6 months i had bad attack and lose 3 GB from my file and i fail to restore it but now no lose in personal data yet. and if you have any advice, article, E-book ..... about determent direct attack , I will be grateful to you.
  11. Hi all, i use onlineArmor Free, the fierwall status and setting windows be broken and damage so i try to fix it by install a new and fresh copy (OnlineArmor). after 12 Hour age of the new installation the same problem (froze and no info to display in fierwall status window)this problem continue for 4 Minutes. that make me awesome from direct hack. so i find in PROGRAMS tab (OnlineArmor GUI) this record: (explorer.exe,, ( C:\Windows\System32\explorer.exe Hash(MD5): 219E677B3CC4BDE37251CD3F6FA2702A) the Armor Trust explorer.exe and give me notification this EXE want to contact to internet, but when i view the HISTORY tab no record to this action and no explorer.exe in this direct, you know in windows 7 bit 64 no EXPLORER in this direct. now is me in a hacked and the Trojan Encrypted, what is the right way to collecting the Evidence about the infected file after delete. Note: in attached the file you want and the OTL program jest generate one report not two.